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Effectiveness Of The Citroen C4 Robot And Ice Television Advertisements

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Citroën spend millions on their advertising campaigns, like any other company. The demographic and psychographic for Citroën has changed over recent years. They were first designed to appeal to older drivers and now they are appealing to an entirely new and different audience. Using music, colour and special effects they are trying to attract a younger market. Though both of the advertisements are appealing to slightly different audiences, they both have a fun feel and look about them.

The music used in the C4 ?Robot? advert plays as soon as the advert starts. It is very funky, modern, and up-to-date to attract and appeal to younger drivers looking to buy their fist, maybe second, car. The music also fits in well with the modern futuristic background of the advertisement and design of the car. Most young people want the latest technology, as we are a technology era, and so I would say that the music reflects about the car quite well.
The music is non-digetic, as you cannot see the source (where it is coming from). The director plays this.
The ?Robot? dances to the music with 90?s style moves, and the people who would appreciate them are in their 20?s. The dancing also relates to a night club. This again is targeting the generation of younger car drivers.

The music that is used in the ?Ice? advert is slightly different to that used in the ?Robot? advert. It is still quite up-beat but not as much as the music used in the ?Robot? advert, as the advert is aimed at a slightly older audience, people maybe with families and more responsibility as the emphasis is on safety.
As in the ?Robot? advertisement, the music is again non-digetic.
Instead of dancing to the music, the robot skates on ice and the music isn?t the main feature of the advertisement as it is in the ?Robot? advertisement.
At the start of the advert, there is no sound as the car slowly rolls along on the snow, coming to a halt. This again is different to the ?Robot? advert as in the latter?s advert the music starts straight away.
The lighting and colours used throughout the ?Robot? advertisement are muted silver colours that are shiny, which gives a futuristic feel. The futuristic feel and look relate to the latest technology which is what the audience targeted are looking for, the latest technology. The audience that the advertisement is trying to appeal to are first time car buyers, the generation who wants everything up-to-date.
The colours are light, and light colours often make objects or places seem bigger than what they actually are. The colours reflect this about the car, that it is spacious, and almost everyone wants a spacious car.
As seen in the advert the sky is blue as it is a nice day, making the car seem pleasant in its looks aswell as how it works.
Lastly, the choice of colour for the car, silver, was cleverly selected. Silver is a very common and good colour for a car as it is a modern, technological colour, which fits extremely...

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