Effectiveness Of Adolescent Resistance Training Essay

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Effectiveness of Adolescent Resistance Training

Studies have been conducted to show that there is little evidence to attest resistance training on adolescence stunts growth, lessens bone density, or does harm to adolescence. Within these studies there are facts to coincide with scientific evidence that will show through longitudinal and double blind control groups that strength training has more effectiveness in helping adolescence then it does causing long term defects in these children.

Resistance training among adolescents has been shown to boost self esteem children. (Mayo Clinic, 2010) With the rising rate of childhood obesity and Type 1 diabetes among children, resistance training has a positive effect on a child’s body mass index. Along with increased muscle strength, resistance training can also provide protection to joints, ligaments, and tendons from injury. With weight training, an adolescent can increase there cardiovascular endurance which will in turn help performance of the individual. There are many things to consider while providing a scheduled program for an adolescent. Some areas to watch closely are the time spent exercising, dehydration, cramps, proper break times, and first aid and safety in case injury does occur. Resistance training may increase bone growth and strength therefore preventing the likelihood of injury in the future. Strength training will also increase the life expectancy of an adolescent child. Exercise is a great motivator in providing an adolescent with an outlet for a healthier lifestyle. Power lifting and bodybuilding among adolescent children will not be analyzed. (Mayo Clinic, 2010)
When performed correctly, adolescent strength training can have extensive positive effects on a child’s body weight, physical capacity to walk, and increased cognitive performance. While resistance training can help decrease a child’s weight, it is not the only option to consider. There are many ways to conduct a resistance training regiment. Some include weight machines, free weights (dumbbells, bench press), yoga balls, and body weight exercises. Some of the best body weight exercises to increase strength and endurance are pushups and pull-ups
. An experiment was conducted to “find the effectiveness of an MRT program implemented in school-based physical education on the cardiovascular and muscular fitness as well as the body composition of adolescents” (Sandor et al., 2009). “Each student’s physical attributes were assessed using selected tests from the Fitnessgram assessment tool (19), an assessment tool used widely in schools to measure level of fitness” (Sandor et. al, 2009). There are many different exercises in the Fitnessgram that can accurately measure ones fitness. For this study the 1-mile run, curl up, trunk lift, push up, flexed-arm hang, and modified pull-up was used. The tests provided a basic fitness level for each participant.
There were 3 programs (MRT, MRT + E, control...

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