Effectiveness Of Advertisement On Students To Attend Tutorial Class

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Under the exam-oriented education system in Hong Kong, students tend to attend the tutorial courses in respond to the aggressive competitiveness. Many local and overseas researchers studied about the cram school culture and phenomenon. However, these past researches only focus on the reasons and effect of cram school culture toward students, but seldom researches studied about the effect of tutorial advertisements towards students. Most of the researches only found out the tutorial advertisement is one the reasons affect students to attend the tutorial course but no explanation of why and how it affect students’ decision-making. Similar research has not been carried out in Hong Kong. ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, this course was valuable and useful and I learnt a lot from it. Therefore, I am thankful to this programme and related department that provided chances for me to participate and contribute to the society, and also learn how to conduct a social research. I am really impressed by this project and course which training me for a deeper understanding about social science.


As we all know that there is a booming of tutorial schools in Hong Kong in recent years, and it became a hot topic in Hong Kong. According to the Census and Statistics Department of Hong Kong (Associated Press, 2007), there is “a third of secondary school students went for private tutoring in the 2004-05 school year, spending a total of HK$18.9 million a month which is 25 percent more than five years earlier”. In order to deal with the examinations, attending tutorial schools becomes a new trend among Hong Kong students as it provide materials and tips on the public examinations. To satisfy their needs and demands, there are a large numbers of tutorial schools opened in Hong Kong.

As a result, to increase their competitiveness and attract more students, there is an increase in the market of advertisements of tutorial schools. A great number of tutorial advertisements were posed in the streets, televisions, internet and magazines, and even started advertising with MTR and bus advertising.

However, many advertisements contained false, exaggerated or misrepresented statements. They boast they have the largest number of students with Grades A, B and C, and claim that they can guarantee students to obtain excellent results such as obtain Grade A or a higher grade in public examinations.

Therefore, it is interesting to find out whether advertisements of tutorial schools are a factor or reason for Hong Kong secondary school students to attend tutorial classes, and why students would trust the advertisements and how do they influenced by the advertisements. It is worth doing to the society as it tries to identify and indicate the importance of the effect of tutorial advertisements and then raises the public to concern about the advertisements that contains information which is false or misleading and requests for rectification. The independent variable of this experiment would be the behavior of attending tutorial classes. The dependent variable of this experiment would be the existence of tutorial advertisements or not. In addition, this paper will target on the secondary school students, it is because this phenomenon is more common in secondary schools than that in primary schools.

There are few objectives of this research project, they are as follows: Firstly, discover the existence of the effect of tutorial advertisements on students to make decision. Secondly, identify the nature and extent of the effectiveness of advertisements. Thirdly, explore and analyze the reasons that make students go to tutorial schools, which is to analyze their consumer...

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