Effectiveness Of Persuasion Tactics In Adversing

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Effectiveness of Persuasion Tactics in AdvertisingAn effective advertisement is usually a complex combination of multiple persuasion tactics, carefully chosen in order to make the strongest impact to the target audiences. Voted the Best Commercial of 2011, Chrysler's "Born of Fire" is a great example of how the study of persuasion makes a commercial effective in real life. I will look into the reasons that make this ad so successful by analyzing three features that I find most important, including expertise, use of celebrity and positive emotional appeal evoked by similarity. These persuasion tactics function differently but they work together as a whole and aim at a rather broad target group of audiences.The most directly used persuasion tactic in the Chrysler ad is expertise. As a dimension of credibility, expertise is one of the foundation source characteristic for a speaker to successfully persuade the audience by increasing the their willingness to believe whatever the speaker says or does. Expertise in advertising is usually achieved through a person with high credibility who is renowned for his/her achievement, knowledge and familiarities within the field that the product is from. Chrysler, as a car-making company, wants people to consider their name as the real expert in the car industry and their marketing team clearly understands how important it is to find themselves a high credibility source that tells people how professional they are. The creative ad producers in Chrysler chose what they find the perfect source: the motor city itself - There's no one more credible than the origin of the car industry in the US. Chrysler achieved great credibility by not only taking advantage of Detroit's high extrinsic credibility in car industry but also dramatizing the city's expertise as the ad goes on and thus built an even higher intrinsic credibility. Evidently, throughout the first half of the ad, even though there is a character driving the car but that person is neither the narrator nor does he make an appearance in the scene. Instead, the ad is purely filled with city scenes and monuments of Detroit as the car drives. Detroit momentarily becomes the representative of the brand as well as the "face" of the narrator sending the message. The real voice narrator, therefore, is a further addition to Detroit's extrinsic credibility, just like those Detroit's historical sites associated with car industry flashed in front of the viewer's eyes, kept reminding the audience the incomparable experience, expertness and trustworthiness that's only of Detroit and nowhere else.A study conducted by Premeaux analyzed the effectiveness of celebrity endorsers in relation to certain most important source characteristics that had previously been proved relative in perception of both male and female customers, specifically at getting attention, creating interest, arousing desire, and getting action. In order to discover these relations, the researcher conducted a...

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