Effectiveness Of Portable Devices In Communication

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A portable system is generally a personal, small and lightweight hardware product,
Designed to be used when one is “on the move”, and it is temporarily independent of an External electric power supply. They are usually characterized by their Portability, Easy to pack and move and they are wearable. They may include; Personal digital assistant, Enterprise digital assistant, Wearable computer, Smartphone, Laptops, Calculators and eBook readers.
Portable systems support computing and communication activities where they are defined by their design for mobile users, and from an ergonomic point of view they are not homogeneous. Some portable systems are designed for outdoor use and hence they can be used during adverse environmental conditions Huber, 2002).
Mobile technology allows companies to have an unprecedented level of connectivity between employees, vendors, and their customers. Applications on mobile devices allow people to ...view middle of the document...

At this fast rate of communication and accessibility, research is faster and this creates a faster development process hence there is a competition in the market and there is an upgrade in quality and quantity of the products.
These mobile systems have introduced a new dimension into advertising and marketing into the businesses world. Prepatent customers now see business advertisements on their mobile phones through a wide variety of mobile marketing technologies including: text messaging, IVR messaging, mobile websites and mobile applications. This advertisements can be tailored to reach a specific market and hence this customization makes marketing much more effective because most customers posses this mobile devices making a good exposure for the advertisements.
In recent time there has been an introduction of online booking and cancelling of tickets hence users are able to use their tickets immediately by just presenting their phones or tablets at the venue.
Vouchers and loyalty cards are nowadays distributed through mobile phones by sending a virtual token to the mobile phone. The customer then presents a mobile phone with one of these virtual tokens at the point of sale and gets the same benefits that would have been provided for the traditional token.
Introduction of mobile banking has enabled banks and other financial institutions to use mobile commerce to inform their customers on their account information and make transaction such as bill payments, transfer of funds between accounts and verification of deposits.
The stock market has led to the introduction of mobile brokerage that allows the users to react to the trending market developments promptly and irrespective of the geographical location.
Mobile technology offers a great sense flexibility in working - for example, it enables home working, or working while travelling this improve the services you offer your customers. Cloud computing brought a major impact on the use of this portable devices, supporting more flexible working practices by providing services over the internet.

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