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Effectiveness Of Twitter On Presenting A Brand

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Using social media can allow organizations to reach more customers or even target specific consumers. According to Larry Kim, Social Media Marketing “is a form of internet marketing that implements various social media networks in order to achieve marketing communication and branding goals” (Kim 2013). Social Media can be used for effectively creating website traffic, creating customer awareness, creating brand identity, and even communicating and interacting with customers. Website traffic is directly in relation to conversion, which is the percentage of customers who visit a store or website, compared to the customers who make a purchase. Raising customer awareness also boosts sales due to the creation or interest of new customers. When customer awareness is raised, brand uniqueness and identity is very important. One’s brand needs to stand out, compared to the rest of the organizations in the same competitive field, to promote sales and be profitable. That being said, Social Media does more than improve site traffic and sales; it provides a valuable venue for a better understanding about target audiences. The interaction between organizations and their customers is a special, but delicate relationship, which needs constant attention and fine tuning.

The Basics of Twitter and Presenting A Brand

Twitter is a very unique form of social media because of its ability to reach many users. The one word behind Twitter is: Connection. Advertisers can target specific users, interact with twitter users, and even advertise promotions and sales. Twitter is a social media network that allows users to connect and interact with one another through a feed that is constantly being updated 24 hours, 7 days a week. On the home page the user has access to see who is following them, who they are following, and access to their timeline. On the user’s timeline, there are tweets from all of the other twitter users. However, only people who the user follows, will show up on his or her timeline. This is how organizations take advantage of twitter. When people follow certain organizations, these organizations can assume that the followers are people who use or buy their products. Twitter is a great way for organizations to present their brand in a professional way. Within tweets organizations can share YouTube links, pictures, and even articles. Organizations can also retweet, which is essentially a repost, when someone tweets something positive about the organization. The idea behind Twitter is to connect with people who are interested in what you have to offer; these are the people who are most likely to share your Tweets (Clark 2013).

Twitter Statistics

“Companies that use twitter average 2x more leads than those who don’t” (Mincher, 2013, 1). This means that an organizations sales have the potential to be doubled with the usage of twitter. A social media presence makes the consumers feel that the organization is “keeping up with the times”, and this gives...

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