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Effects Essay

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Change of life is always around us. Only in few times are we going to have a reason. In The Christmas Carol there are many effects that happen to Mr. Scrooge as he is tested through the past, present, and future. With the ghosts that come to see him they leave their mark to change Scrooge’s life. In the end you can see a great change in Scrooge. This change that scrooge has gone through has come to a great effect, to him and the world around him.
The effect of life is brilliant of how it sometimes is sudden and sometimes suspected. In the movie biography, Empire of the Sun, a spoiled young boy who is in love with planes and cares not of the danger of war and learns throughout the movie that life is different beyond a mansion, in which he lives in, its ruff as he is separated from his parents and brought to a stationary camp in Japan. In this stationary camp he learns of true friends, hard work, and war, as such of WW II going on around him. All of this had an extraordinary effect on him. In the end he is rejoined with his parents, and mentally has become a man as a young boy.
People always wonder how the challenges that God gives us have an effect on us. It’s a great mystery. This thought always leaves us looking dumb. What is the reason of us his doings and what is our purpose on earth? This question is huge and unanswerable because only God can tell us that answer. So to say that this mystery that we have with God will someday come to a huge effect on us.
Depending on how we respond to a challenge that God has bestowed on a character is totally on him or herself. In the major television series Breaking Bad, Walter is diagnosed with cancer. With no health insurance, instead of looking for good options to raise money for his health, he decides to go into drug dealing. He gets into hard ways dealing with other dealers threatening the lives of others. If Walter would have made a better decision of raising money he would have put himself and his family in a better position, being away from harm. This shows how the decision of one can be an effect to others.
Many people try to sum up or put to an idea of the reason of ‘effects’ can be. In Cause and Effect by Ric S. Bastasa, Ric structures the effect of how poverty of somebody can change their life. It is sort of like Walter in Breaking Bad. In the poem it goes from how poverty leads to survival, even when it starts to come to worse where someone steals. A great cause has a great effect. It is very important that people in dire need have to look at all options. If it is being a janitor, then that is a great start. There a person in need of money can work their way up because even a small job can grow to be a big one.
Aggressiveness of a child is a result of a long-term effect of being spanked....

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