Effects And Disease Related To Crt Monitors

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Effects and Disease Related to CRT Monitors By: C.B. Rodgers, for The Paper Store - April 2001 VISIT www.paperwriters.com/aftersale.htm -- for more information on using this paper properly! Introduction As computers have become a common tool in virtually every enterprise, people have found that not all aspects of the safe, clean environment of working with computers is necessarily all that it’s cracked up to be. In fact, there are health concerns associated with computer use beyond the typical issues of carpal tunnel syndrome, backache, and the expanding-derrière factor associated with the sedentary behavior associated with computer use. Other concerns are linked to electromagnetic radiation.Most often, electromagnetic radiation or EMR is associated with high-voltage powerlines, different household appliances, specialized computer use or a combination of factors. Obviously, people who spend a great amount of time engaged in computer work have a right to be concerned. The student will be able to find a great deal of information relating to the fact that in the past decade, research efforts to identify the effect on the human body of electromagnetic radiation have increased. Such radiation is found in various forms of technology such as cellular phones, radios, televisions, power lines, and computer monitors. Although it has been repeatedly presented as a concern, it has not been categorically proven that there is a definite link between electromagnetic fields and cancer. Nonetheless, there has always been a link between radiation and cancer and it is undeniable that computer monitors emit an electromagnetic field. And, aside from concerns about cancer, there are other health worries related to computer monitors. Those concerns range from emotional and physical stress, musculoskeletal problems, emotional problems, headaches, vision problems and more. Whether or not such problems can be proven, much less resolved, remains to be seen. Meanwhile, there are some very real concerns that should be considered.Computer Monitor Emissions Electromagnetic radiation or electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are generated, in their simplest forms, through the electric power distribution system, including the transmission and distribution lines and the power delivered through the average wall socket. There are numerous devices using electric power exactly as it comes from the wall, more complex devices like video display terminals (VDTs) and computer monitors need to alter specific characteristics such as frequency, power level and waveform in order to accomplish the tasks necessary for creating an image on the screen. According to the NoRad Corporation (1998), the power inside a VDT is repeatedly divided and subdivided in order to create significantly higher frequencies.When that takes place, it dramatically alters waveform and the original voltage. That means that there is a definite addition to the sinusoidal waveform,...

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