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Effects Of Abuse And Neglect On Children

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“Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun; not living in a nightmare in the darkness of the soul.” This is a quote from Dave Pelzer, the author famous for his autobiography “A Child Called ‘It’.” For those who do not know what the book is about, it is about his life, and how he grew up, being abused by his mother everyday. As a result of child abuse, children have to deal with psychological consequences, social difficulties, and economic difficulties later in life.
Initially, psychological consequences can be many things, but the main points are the personal feelings of a child, cognitive delay, and emotional feelings. For example, personal feelings harm the children for their whole life, unless children are able to move past what happened to them in their pasts. These personal feelings include isolation, fear, and inability to trust. Children should never have to feel that whenever they do something wrong that something is going to happen when they go home, or that children will get punished not matter what they do. Cognitive delay causes children to fall behind in school, or don’t care about school, and sometimes causes them to fail grades and have to repeat them. Emotional feelings of a child farther down the road include depression, anxiety, and can sometimes be health disorders. Depression is the feeling of being hopeless and inadequate. In explanation, depression can cause suicide and health issues. Also, anxiety makes a person uneasy, or nervous, about a situation that no one would know the outcome to, and as everyone knows, there is no possible way to know an outcome of any situation.
Secondly, this is what haunts children for the rest of their lives. This will always be with children, and whether or not they want to forget it, children will always be remembered by them. It also brings attention to what is happening to children wherever they may live. These are the physical effects. This includes bruises and welts, burns, and poor hygiene. First off, yes, bruises may disappear after a couple days, but children still have to hide them for those couple of days. Children have to hide them, because they are too afraid to speak up and tell someone where the bruises came from. Secondly, welts people can not just brush off. People can not explain a valid reason as to why they have welts. Welts have a chance of scarring if they are deep enough. Scars are always with people as they are growing older. Now, burns, those are the definitely the examples that cause scars. Burns are also harder to hide, unless the perpetrators put the burns in places that are easy to cover up. Poor hygiene is a given. It is not hard to hide at all. Some perpetrators take it as far as not letting their child to wash up, or at least look a little presentable at all. Poor hygiene is not only abuse from the perpetrators, but the perpetrators are giving kids at school a free opportunity to tease the kid for being “nasty” or “stinky”, and that is not something...

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