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Effects Of Advertisement On Consumer Behavior

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The first paid advertisement was published in a French newspaper “La Presse” in June 1836. Soon this concept saw a widespread and more and more people started this practice to increase the profitability. Advertisement agencies were formed and this became a proper business and profession in 1900’s (Agencies such as N.W. Ayer & Sons). First radio advertisement was broadcast in 1930 on Los Angeles. As the time passed the process of advertisement creation evolved and more and more means of communication were used .Companies developed new modes of attracting consumer attraction, such as TV, Billboards, Internet and others.

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Due to its impacts on the consumers, the researchers ( Ph. Kotler and others, 2003 D. Jokubaukas, 2003) suggested that whether it is businesses or individual sellers, they should know what kind of advertisement their product or services should have and also what will be the effect of these practices on consumers. Thus these factors should be kept in mind and should also be measured. These factors also include the content of the advertisement, its visual design and last but not least, the psychological affect that and advertisement will bring.

Literature review
Attitude towards the ad is a more defined area of research in which researchers usually deal with the variables involved or related to the effects of the advertisements on the people’s attitudes towards brands and preferences (Edell and Burke 1984).
This point of view indicates that the basic purpose of most of the advertisements is to generate a favorable attitude or behavior by absenting the listener, reader or viewer in a positive emotive state of mind after processing the advertisement (Hill and Mazis 1985). The given phenomena are based on supposition that consumers are motivated and are engaged in pursuit of pleasure by the desire to feel good (Hirschman and Holbrook 1982).
Studies have indicated that a person is able to remember or memorize the facts which are related to his/her interests, activities and routine. While less important information is not memorized as effectively, these are not related to interests and activities. Hence, researchers propose that the advertisements which are exactly related to the activities, future plans or interests are more efficient (Cereška, 2004; Jokubauskas, 2007). So, the content or the information provided in the advertisement should be closely in relation with the needs and wants of the viewer (customer), this highlights the psychological view of finding out the consumer behavior. Through this strategy customer will be attracted towards the product and he/she will be more willing to buy the advertized products.
D. Jokubauskas (2007) also proposed that if the advertisement is able to stimulate the emotions which may not be directly related, but also some additional feelings, than it can be said that the marketer or the advertiser was able to differentiate his/her product and this will greaty effect the final buying decision of the customers. Thus advertisement is not just related to product selling but it must also be compatible in aspects like text, company or product logos, main theme, demonstration and all these work together to form an impact of the advertisement.
Several researchers such as Blackwell Roger D., Miniard Paul W., & Engel James F. (2005); Kotler ir kt. (1992) suggested that the advertisers who are in the process of advertising their products/merchandise must be more attentive towards the approach or methods used to create the advertisement, not how much money is being spent in the process. Since, the advertisement...

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