Effects Of Advertising Super Bowl: Football Game Or Advertising Telecaster.

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The largest money-making industry in the United States today is advertising. During events such as the Super Bowl, companies pay large sums of money in return for thirty seconds of air time. Advertising is the act of promoting a product by informing the public of the products worth. As America progresses, the need for advertisement progresses as well. Companies must compete with one another in order to gain success. Television is the strongest medium to advertise in and also the most expensive. Every time we turn on the TV, we see sellers of almost identical products spending huge amounts of money in order to convince us to buy their brands. Every year, each typical American watches 1550 hours of TV and 100 TV advertisements. The television media has a bigger advertising cost than the other media's as it provides visual images and reaches a wide range of audience. Sellers of everything, from computers to detergents, believe that advertising is essential to the product. Advertising is designed for one purpose - to sell. It is becoming a major part of mass media. An excellent advertisement will create a deep impression on its potential customers through particular techniques. With declining television audiences in the US, the Super Bowl is the one event that can guarantee advertisers the most eyeballs for their dollar. Each year the network hosting the super bowl brings in large revenues for thirty second slots of advertising and advertently each year the costs for a thirty second slot is being manipulated by these networks. As Ray Warren, the managing director of Omnicom Group's OMD, is quoted as saying, "The Super Bowl is bigger than television...The game is a national holiday. It's the only place to put 100 million people in front of a commercial." Research shows that Super bowl commercials are recalled at more than double the rate of commercials run during "normal" prime time programming. The Super Bowl is the one day of the year when viewers actually anticipate and look forward to the ads. No other media vehicle commands as much money as a spot on The Game, because no other vehicle gives a brand such incredible reach, ratings, and impact (Sann and Dusenberry XVII). With 58 commercials scheduled, it's important to be special, creative, and original. It would be a colossal waste of money, after all, if viewers turned sponsors' shill time into opportunities for refrigerator runs and bathroom breaks. Reputations and careers have been ruined on Super Bowl spots because the commercials have tanked, causing the companies to tank. The Super bowl ads cost $165 million dollars to make and then display. Commercials aired during the Super Bowl generate almost as much attention as the football game itself. By industry calculations, more than two out of three viewers pay attention to the commercials and more than half talk about them the next day. Furthermore, more than one in ten tune in just for the ads (Kanner 3). If the game fails to be...

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