Effects Of African American Family Structure

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Effects of African American Family Structure on School Attitudes and Performance
In today's world, there is such a big emphasis on education and its
importance. And there should be an emphasis. Unfortunately, not everyone
has the same attitude about receiving a good education. This article
attempts to discuss the attitudes of African American's towards education
when a stable family structure is absent.
Given, not all homes are the Cleaver family, but if a person
really wants an education, they should try to concentrate on just
that-their education. Parents have a huge responsibility in that if they
have children in a single-parent home, the parents attitude must be
encouraging for the child. If the parents ...view middle of the document...

Stress is also
mentioned as another possible factor; suggesting that "the trauma of
parental confl!
ict and divorce can have lasting, adverse psychological consequences for
children that reduce their ability to succeed."
A study was done comparing family structure between whites and
blacks to determine how important of a role family structure plays in
education. Not to my surprise, most of the percentages were higher among
whites, but not by very much in any category. More single mothers who
were black were more involved in school planning than white mothers. More
black mothers told their children what was educationally expected from
them; more talked with their kids daily, and checked their schoolwork.
There was a higher percentage for single black mothers for
task-orientation; their children always had books, pencils, and homework
complete. So family structure may have an effect on students education,
but it is only a small percent.
We know that parental involvement is important for children, but I
don't think a child's attitude has anything to do with their race. There
are plenty of poor white children who probably have the same attitude as
some blacks. The article states that while some of the effects for these
uncaring attitudes may be socio-economic, they would like to link it to
the effectiveness of discipline in the home. Of course a two-parent home
would be more stable for children, however, not all cases allow that.
Therefore, we must stay active in our children's lives and keep a positive
attitude. Let them know it's okay to be the best, and allow them to live
their dreams.

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