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Effects Of Alchoholism Essay

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SKINAlcohol dilates (enlarges) the blood vessels, producing a warm flush and decreases the body temperature. This is why it is pointless to take alcohol to keep warm in cold weather. If it is vital to conserve body heat, it could be dangerous, if not life threatening, to drink alcohol.NERVOUS SYSTEMThe drinking of too much alcohol or the sustained use of alcohol will give a "pins and needles" tingling sensation in the feet and hands. The nerve in the back of the legs will also be damaged with constant use of alcohol and this will lead to the person walking stiffly, like a robot.BLOODExcessive use of alcohol will also lead to a wide variety of problems with the blood. One of the main problems, under this heading, is the loss of blood one suffers after a fight, which is always something we as Aboriginals can be sure of, especially after we've had a few too many drinks. All jokes aside though, the blood is the stuff that carries the alcohol around the inside of the body and gets the alcohol up to the brain, into the liver and all sorts of places where it is going to do real harm like for instance that one muscle which we make work overtime, the heart.HEARTIf you are a heavy drinker it is almost certain that you will suffer a heart attack of some description. Now for some big medical words. Alcoholic Cardiomyopathy which means that the muscles of the heart are failing due to the excessive use of alcohol. It may be so severe that it causes death from the heart being over-stressed and failing to work. Even if we only have four beers a day, the stress we put onto the heart is as bad as if we ran for two miles a day. If we did run every day we would be doing something for our health. When we drink four beers a day we are certainly doing nothing for our healthBRAINThere have been statistics given that say 50% of alcoholics suffer from excessive loss of brain cells.From the day that we are born we are losing brain cells.Drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco and/or marijuana destroys brain cells at an extremely fast rate and the worst part about it is, we do not renew those lost brain cells.Alcohol attacks the CNS (Central Nervous System) and as we have discussed at the beginning of this course, alcohol is a depressant and will depress and dispirit the person who has consumed it.Alcohol will also slur your speech and cause lack of co-ordination, in other words you just can't keep yourself together.Now add to this the fact that heavy drinkers fall into the high risk group where seizures are concerned and this may be related to cerebral trauma or brain damage, hypoxia reduced oxygen intake, or find it very hard to get your breath because of lack of oxygen in the body and last but not least hypoglycaemic episodes.LIVERLiver disease is one of the most commonly occurring alcohol related illness and causes 10% of deaths among heavy drinkers.There are three types of alcohol related liver diseases.1. Fatty Liver: This a build up of fat in and around the liver.2....

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