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Effects Of Asthma And Mental Health

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Asthma and mental health are two quite significant parts of the health of people. There are two effects of asthma today including feeling anxious and endangering people’s lives. Furthermore, economic productivity problems, physical and social well-being issues, and low individual quality of life are also three effects of mental health. People getting to know the effects of asthma and mental health are to solve the problems.

First of all, people may feel anxious when they suddenly have an asthma attack. It is a quite frightening experience because people with asthma have very sensitive airways. If something irritates the airways of a person with asthma, the airways become red and swollen, and this may be even more difficult for air to pass through the airways into the alveoli and out again . People became breathless and breathed more frequently that make them feel more anxious.

Secondly, severe asthma can be life-threatening. Suffering from asthma can be frightening to experience and people often feel scared and anxious. The fear and scare can also lead to breathlessness and so make the airways close up even more. Asthma attacks can be dangerous; sometimes they can be fatal. For example, the National Asthma Council Australia (NAC) proved that, in 2011, asthma caused the deaths of 378 Australians. Asthma-related deaths in Australia have now dropped from a peak of 964 in 1989 to less than half that number today. Even though every asthmas death is a tragedy and people of all ages must continue to take asthma seriously. Taking care of people who have asthma is very important all over the world.

Besides, mental health plays an important role in a healthy life. People nowadays are suffering not only from bodies, but also from minds. Mental health problems lead to lots of troubles.

Firstly, mental health problems cause economic productivity issues. For...

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