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Effects Of Bullying And A Solution

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Bullying, as a whole has different effects on everybody. Everyone that is exposed to it is effected weather it is physical, biological, psychological, emotional, cognitive, or social. “The definition contains several components that identify a situation as bullying including when harm is done, an unfair match exists, and the actions are repeated over time.” All three components are seen in most if not all school settings. Within the past decade, school violence has developed rapidly and children and adolescents seem particularly vulnerable to trauma, due to bullying in school (Carney). Situation A for example, A student is a homosexual, was home schooled until this year. The student now enters a public school, gets picked on for the way that they are living their life. It goes on for a long period of time and then one day it goes a step further and the bullies are now cyber bullying this student with social media. This student has had enough, it starts with dropping out of school, then as the social media bullying continues the student decides to cut themselves, until suicide now becomes the answer. The problem starts with bullying not being stopped when it is first noticed. The problem then ends with the question, can bullying really cause that amount of much damage?
Bullying, has it been brought to light what it can truly mean, some may wonder. It “can be explained as the use of strength or status to intimidate, inflict injury or humiliate another person who is not as strong”. The bully does what they do because they sometimes have problems of their own, but the one thing they don't understand is that what they are doing is wrong. Bullying can be done verbally, physically or socially (Alika). It’s something that is done to make the bully feel powerful, make them feel better. It truly is a problem, a growing problem.
In every problem, there is a solution. The solution can be long or short, but there is always a feasible choice. Bullying has to be stopped that is a no brainier, but how do you end such a problem that is ongoing in different ways and different settings to different people? Create different levels of punishment. An example:
1. First time offender: Phone call home.
2. Second time offender: In school suspension.
3. Third time offender: Out of school suspension.
4. Fourth time offender: Charges for harassment.
Depending on what the offense the bully commits, the punishment could be more extreme. This solution is completely reasonable and can be done.
“Cyber bullying has become an increasing public concern in light of recent cases associated with youth suicides that have been reported in the mass media” (Gould). Suicide. This is never the answer, but when someone bullies you to this point it becomes a last resort. Suicide isn't always detectable, so the bully could be pushing without knowing that the victim is already at that point. Even if the bully thought he knew, “there is a different threshold for depression and suicide...

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