Effects Of Bullying, The Psychological Affects Of Being Bullied As A Child Santa Monica College, Psychology Research Paper

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The Effects of Bullying
The Effects of Bullying
Sara Eliassian
Santa Monica College
Bullying is not always something people think about as being harmful to a person’s health. Of course there are instances when bullying goes out of hand and at that point bullying becomes harmful. Usually what come’s to mind when the thought or subject of bullying is brought up are physical altercations with peers. Yes, physical altercations between peers are awful, but what about the exchange of cruel words in the hallway to one another, or name-calling or simply teasing of a classmate for being different. As harmful as physical bullying may seem, words may be more emotionally damaging than getting a punch to the face or kick in the stomach. Bullying amongst girls and boys are different, but not by much. Girls tend to tease, exclude and are cruel verbally to other peers, otherwise known as indirect bullying. Boys do the same as their female peers with the addition of physical bullying, or direct bullying. I found this an interesting topic to research because as a young girl all the way through my early 20’s my peers bullied me by means of exclusion, name-calling and being teased for being different. Although my experiences may not be as bad as others, I was curious to see what the long-term effects of being bullied has on a person’s emotional health, as they get older. Do these emotional effects stay with a person well into their adult hood or do they fade away at some point in their childhood?
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There are two forms of bullying according to what researchers have found; indirect and direct bullying (van der Wal et al., 2003). Indirect bullying is associated with social isolation such exclusion and ignoring a peer and direct bullying is associated with physical altercations and verbal aggression. Researchers conducted a study in Amsterdam, The Netherlands to find an association between direct and indirect bullying and the outcomes they have on psychosocial health in children ages 9 and 13 (van der Wal et al., 2003).
In order to find their data, participants in the 7th and 8th grade were given a self-reporting questionnaire in their classrooms under the supervision of their teachers and were collected anonymously (van der Wal et al., 2003, 1312). The questionnaire asked about bullying, depression, suicidal thoughts and delinquent behavior. The first portion of the questionnaire asked participants about bullying, which was split into two sub-categories, one in regards to being bullied and the other about bullying others. Each sub-category measured 20 items, 12 in regards to direct bullying and 8 in regards to indirect bullying. These items were scored on a four point scale, 0 = never, 1 = now and then, 2 = often and 3 = very often. Before each question participants were read an excerpt: “Many children are sometimes bullied. Bullying can be done in many ways, such as name-calling and taking away something from someone....

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