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Automobiles have become a big part of today¹s society. Whether it be a car or van, the modern American citizen probably can¹t go a day without using one. These machines are the main escorts for our daily travels from work to home. Most Americans depend on their vehicles to run well so that they can maintain their everyday treks of commuting back and forth.These automobiles have been the cause of an abundance of jobs throughout the United States. A great number of our citizens are employed by automobile production plants, car repair industries, and other automobile related positions. To think that cars could have been non-existent makes us wonder where thousands of our citizens would find work. We know that a big part of the United States industrial and trading world relies on the automobile and its components. Another view of our life without automobiles deals with our visual perspective. Car and truck advertisements consume a great deal of air time for television commercials. We see these luxurious machines and little by little we are tempted and pressured into investing into one of them. Numerous amounts of our modern movies also involve automobiles. For example, ³Speed² and ³Batman² both deal with automobiles of some sort. Whether it be the common city bus or the exquisite vehicle entitled the ³Batmobile², these both influence our ideas of the automobile world.On the reverse side, though, automobiles have also been the cause of much of the world¹s pollution. The carbon-monoxide released by a car¹s exhaust pipe spews into our environment making our air dirty and the earth a bit closer to extinction. With all these pollutants in our air, it often makes it hard to breath and difficult to see. Many times we find a layer of dirt and grime on the back bumper of our cars and realize that about thirty times this much is tossed into the air each day by one individual vehicle. Any automobile which runs on diesel fuel releases a thick cloud of black smoke into the environment constantly. This disgusting smog stains buildings, covers trees, and hovers above many of our major city in large masses. Automobiles also contain some fluids that can be deadly to us...

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1434 words - 6 pages preserve the environment and protect human health. By being conservative on the effects of automobiles, the preservation of life on earth will be longer protected by the ozone layer. Works Cited “Cars, Trucks, and Air Pollution.” Union of Concerned Scientists. Convio, 03 Sept. 2013. Web. 24 Feb 2014. “CDC Study Finds Annual Cost of Motor Vehicle Crashes Exceeds $99 Billion.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Aug 2010. Web. 2

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