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Effects Of Child Favoritism On Jewel And Cash

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As I lay Dying’s characters, Jewel and Darl in particular, are largely influenced by their mother’s unequal treatment of them. The personalities of the boys may seem as if they are purely natural, however research suggest that Addie’s favoritism may have played the biggest part in the development of the boys’ personality. An article published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, titled Mothers’ Differentiation and Depressive Symptoms Among Adult Children, discuses the results of favoriting children on both the preferred and unpreferred children. These effects are easily seen in Jewel, the preferred child, and Darl, the unpreferred child.
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Jewel never loses this mentality and it plays a big part in the book. From the barn at the beginning, to the barn Darl set on fire, Jewel has always had a direct response and never doubted himself.
On the other end of the favoritism scale, Darl was never loved by his mother. This also created a number of issues on Darl’s personality. The article mentions that, among other side effects of not being loved enough, unfavored children can suffer from a chronic need to feel special and strain their relationship with siblings. During the novel, it is obvious that Darl is insanely jealous of Jewel for being loved more for reasons out of his control. Even Cora thought that Darl was more deserving of Addie’s love. Darl has always had resentment towards Jewel because he feels as if Jewel stole the love Darl deserved. Darl purposely increases this tension between himself and Jewel by constantly reminding him about Addie. He always is trying to provoke emotion out of Jewel. In addition to Darl’s resentment towards Jewel, you see resentment towards Dewey Dell as well. He feels as if she is not even his sister, and is just a shame. This could be due to Darl feeling as an outsider to the family, because his mom never accepted him as one of her children. The sibling rivalry between Darl and his family climaxes at the end of the book. After the burying...

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