Effects Of Classroom Structure On Student Learning

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Since the early 1200’s when the first university opened its doors in Italy, the trend manifested its way towards the United States with Harvard University in the 1600’s. Even though the basic classroom consisted of some desks, a teacher front and center, and little ones eager for recess and masters of eye avoiding, it has evolved heavily with great detail. “Changing the physical structure of a classroom is one way to alter the environment of a classroom…support the interactive environment of group work, which allows students to control their own learning and presents them with direct feedback in the learning process.” ( Mary Ann Polityka.) Classrooms of higher education serve now as room of learning and focus. It may not seem like the basic settings of education and the individuals within effect how students learn, but it greatly impacts each and every one of them.
Whether it’s an all-male, female, or both sex universities, all schools make it as comfortable as possible for both the classmates and teachers. Every school of higher education includes both female and male professors, young and old. From a cover story over female and male university professors, “…female professors would have to adopt masculine sex-typed styles of interaction in order to be viewed as legitimate holders of authority in spite of their lesser female status.” (Laurel Richardson.) During the civil rights movement, all women were fighting for their rights, to be equal in the eyes of their father, husband, brother. Even if all men are equal, women still have to show that they have the capacity of their fellow male professors. Also, concluding that “…male professors, although they hold a position which is consistent with their status as males, would experience a conflict between male authoritarian behavior and the cultural norms of a teaching culture in which accessibility to students and an interactive classroom atmosphere are expected.” (Laurel Richardson.) Overall, between males and females, there was no teaching difference within their seniority status.

Over years the increase of international students has overcome universities across the country. “Drake University, in Iowa, quadrupled its Chinese-student population. At Westminster College, a Missouri institution… the number of international students doubled in a single year. Berkeley went from having just 605 international undergraduates in 2005-6 to 1,655…” (Karin Fischer.) A piece from the Chronicle of Higher Education shows that the number of international students is nowhere near the point of slowing down. Classrooms nowadays have to focus not only on the capabilities of American students, but students of every kind. The rooms become easier and more of an understanding to everyone.
In 1990-93, four professors got together to study classroom structure and student motivation which came to be known as the Delta Project. It was based on the impact that it had on their students, “(1) opportunities...

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