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Effects Of Domestic Violence To Children

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Case Study

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Case Study
The case represented by Smith’s family is a real situation that affects most families in America where cases of child abuse has been reported. Parents neglect children and the process evolves to something complex. The neglect always has devastating effects to both the children and the family as a unit. These effects are far much reaching if not corrected early enough. Once these effects turn out to be chronic, chances of passing them over to the next generation are very high. This is why there is always a constant universal to take care of the young ones.

Risk Factors
The family of Smith has lots of risks both for the children and the adults in the family at large. Firstly, you find that most of the young children in this family are sick. Gary and Jay are already sick and under medication. They are both affected by anxiety complications and ADHD. In addition, Gary is asthmatic. This condition demands that he be under strict parental care but unfortunately he does not get to enjoy that. Because of this his case continues to worsen and this puts him even into a more vulnerable position. On the other hand, Jay is not only affected by anxiety disorders and ADHD but also trauma and suicidal-ideation. Considering the surrounding he is leaving in, he is at a risk of his life retarding or even dying. The plight of these two kids is worsened by the fact their parents are in a maternal conflict and hence are sometimes left under care of another party who lacks the attorney’s authority to renew or take drugs for them. It is outlined that, these two children stayed for a whole month without attending to the medication and this puts them at the risk of dying. For example, Gary almost died at school because of asthmatic complications.
A family unit should basically consist of a father, a mother and children. Each member of this unit should love each other for the well growth of the unit (Gewirtz & Edleson, 2007). However, the case presented here defies all the rules that define a practical family. The four children are put in a risk of favoritism. It is seen that, Ralph is only concerned by those kids who are his only. Gary is from another father and the fate of Jay is never. The psychological effects that are being instilled in these children by the simple aspect of this favoritism are not good. It is a dangerous thing whose effects are long term and devastating. Instead of being shown love, they are exposed to alienation. Worse enough is the physical beatings and emotional torture they receive from Gray’s father and Bob. Beating a child as if he a thief is growing the child the wrong way and you risk that child into becoming rebellious and revengeful once he will have the opportunity to do so (Gewirtz & Edleson, 2007). It is a scenario that is analogous to a ticking bomb.
Poverty seems to be a big problem for this family. When Ralph and Jackie parts ways, it is observed that Jackie...

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