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Effects Of Drug Abuse And Addiction

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What happens to one that becomes addicted to drugs? How do they get to that

point of abuse in misusing a drug that could potentially be life changing or even

deadly? Every session of drug abusing digs a deeper whole to a point of no return

for anyone. The effects of the abuse of any drug can be severe internally and

externally. Regular people everyday suffer from going down a path that no one can

take the blame for but themselves, and are physically unable to change it without

extreme dedication and willingness. Drug abuse and addiction leads to major

problems physically, mentally, and emotionally.

First, drug abuse and addiction causes major problems ...view middle of the document...

Both minor and major events become less important when user is addicted. After awhile, the compulsive use of the drug increases despite the adverse effects of it (McCoy). In all, drug addiction and abuse takes major toile on someone’s physical ability.

The second main effect of drug abuse and addiction is that it impairs a persons

mental aspect. After addiction kicks in to someone, their body needs that drug to

function properly (McCoy). They may experience withdrawals if they go even a day

with out the drug depending on how addicted they are. The person eventually lets

their life revolve around the drug (Johnson). A person will soon enough be

convinced that nothing in their life is more important than using the drug.

To add to all of the negative mental effects, constant use of the drug creates

serious damage to the brain. Every time the drug is used, it hijacks the “reward”

system in the brain (Johnson). This then causes dangerous amount of dopamine to

flood the entire system (Johnson). That flood is then what causes the “high” or

euphoria associated with the drug abuse (Johnson). Not only does this attack the

brain on the spot, but it also leaves long term damage on it as well. That just goes to

show how severe the effects drugs have on someone mentally.

Lastly, drug abuse and addiction causes major issues to someone emotionally.

There are many emotional problems that come along with using drugs consistently.

Their daily life and behavior changes drastically. A major negative result of

emotional change is that the person starts to drop in attendance and performance at

school, work, and other active needs (Johnson). Their favorite hangouts, group of

friends, and hobbies can differ after use as well (Johnson). The persons life could

turn around completely for the worst due to these changes. Frequently getting in to

trouble such as illegal activity, fights and accidents is another way their daily life

may change (Robinson). They may even engage in secretive...

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