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Effects Of Exercise And Diet On Cholesterol

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How does a person increase their chances of heart disease, stroke and peripheral artery disease all in the same way? By having increased cholesterol levels (Wedro, 2014). It is estimated that 71 million Americans have high cholesterol, and of those, only one-third of them have it under control (CDC, 2011). A reduction in LDL cholesterol has been shown to decrease the prevalence of strokes and heart attacks. That being said, it has also been shown that cholesterol levels above 200mg/dL put an individual at twice the risk for coronary heart disease than persons with levels 180mg/dL or less (Mann, 2014). There are numerous risks associated with high cholesterol, luckily many factors that ...view middle of the document...

In CINAHL’s advanced search option, research and years from 2008 to 2014 were selected to filter articles to seek out the most relevant results. Searched terms used were “diet and high cholesterol”, “cholesterol lowering foods”, “cholesterol and exercise”. After careful review of each article that seemed to have potential, five met the desired criteria and have been utilized. Informative articles that did not have to be research were found using GOOGLE with the aforementioned search terms. Those articles were also reviewed to meet necessary criteria, and two were found to be useful

Description of each study:

Previous studies have shown that weight loss that has been stimulated by diet has shown promising effects on improving cholesterol absorption, however it is unknown if endurance exercise will also increase cholesterol absorption. Wilund, Feeney, Tomayko, Weiss and Hagberg (2009) aimed their study to discover if a long-term endurance-training program would make an effect of cholesterol absorption and synthesis. The study consisted of 65 participants between the ages of 50 to 70. To be selected to participate they had to have a sedentary lifestyle, meaning less than 40 minutes of aerobic exercise per week, be a non-smoker, non-diabetic, free from cardiovascular disease and a basal metabolic index of less than 37. They also could not be taking lipid or glucose lowering medications. They had to have a medical history free of ulcers and bleeding disorders or any other medical conditions that would be dangerous to the participant when implementing vigorous exercise. The participants were asked to keep a food journal following the study guidelines, and they did this in a naturalistic outpatient setting. The exercise was in a semi-naturalistic setting because staff from the study had to be present during exercise sessions. Participants were first started on the American Heart Association step 1 diet for the...

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