Effects Of Globalization On Culture International School Suva, Year 10 Essay

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Effects of Globalization on Culture
Globalization is a topic that is still being passionately debated on several levels. It can be loosely defined as the integration or sharing of new ideas from different cultures internationally, both socially and in terms of business. Though globalization came as a shock to some, it was an inevitable transition that was to be expected from a developing society and civilization (UKEssays, 2017). Though there are a number of sectors affected by globalization, culture remains one of the more pressing and internationally significant topics. What exactly is culture? Webster’s Third New International Dictionary defines culture as the “total pattern of human behavior and its products embodied in speech, action, and artifacts and dependent upon man’s capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations” (Gove, 2008). It is the fear of many that globalization will directly threaten, or ‘streamline’ this idea of culture into a set mold (known as homogenization). It appears that globalization has somewhat done that, with issues like misrepresentation, loss of individualism and further colonization, but it has also had several positive effects on the world, such as increased self representation, global ‘villages’ and the preservation of cultures.
Firstly, globalization has allowed for a massive amount of self representation through mediums such as the internet. Cultures have an international voice that they can use to spread information and ideas. This self representation and self expression leads to an acceptance of oneself as well as others. Globalization also allows cultures to spread awareness about issues and and introduce the public to a variety of stories and experiences, which correlates with the business aspect of globalization. Companies that are able to control their own logos and symbols are able manage their own image, emphasizing autonomy and allowing for diversity (Etec.ctlt.ubc.ca, 2017). When people are able to access a tool that allows them to broadcast their feelings and thoughts through images, text or music as well as access those of others, there is a global integration of ideas. This leads us into the next point about what is known as a ‘global village’.
The idea of a global village is that of a single-community world linked by telecommunications (Merriam-webster.com, 2017). Globalization has introduced a huge number of technological advances that link people from all over the world together, such as social networking sites and video call apps. Because of these platforms, there is an increase in public awareness which evidently leads to an increase in public acceptance of a variety of issues. It also brings to light issues within countries that the people would otherwise fail to recognize, such as corrupt governments, lack of education or poor living standards. It has been shown in periods of history that cultural integration leads to developed creativity, an example being...

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