Effects Of High School Sports On The Relationships Between Students

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It goes without saying that athletics are enormously influential in the social sphere of high school. While academics are more impactful on one's future, immediate popularity is something numerous teenagers covet. Countless students try out for sports every year for multiple reasons, one of the most prevalent being the aspiration of becoming a school celebrity. While that is indeed an excellent benefit, the reason I initially joined the tennis team was to have a group to be a part of. But there was always this one thought that loomed over me. Why does it mean more to be on the baseball team than it does to be a member of the tennis team? Whereas students would gather and attend football, ...view middle of the document...

He stated that they would certainly have a remarkable sense of humor, be moderately intelligent and mischievous (Averill, 2014). Other adjectives that came up in our interview were trouble-making, impulsive, and even a bit ostentatious (Averill, 2014). Members of this team won senior superlatives that spoke on the similarities of their personas. Our team included the winners of funniest, best storyteller, most likely to be successful, most unpredictable, and most likely to stick their head under the hand dryer. The unique makeup of our team was the perfect recipe for mutiny. For the purpose of this assessment, I will focus on the most notorious product of our team. This was known as "The Hate Bracket".
The sun and its accompanying brightness had all but disappeared on a late-March evening. Intense babbling engulfed the activity bus, which was escorting our fifteen teenage boys as we cruised back towards our hometown. We had just won a crucial tennis match against West Carteret High School, but our jubilant faces were only fractionally a result of the victory.
The year was 2011 and a controversial tradition had just been born. On the way to West Carteret, a couple of players began talking about their brackets for "March Madness", the nickname for NCAA's College Basketball Tournament. The subsequent conversation had one player ranting about how many students at the school he disliked. One teammate jokingly made a suggestion that we should make a bracket with everyone we loathed to see who we detested the most. Before you could count to three, the team had pencils and paper handy. We would began by brainstorming about one hundred people. From there, we narrowed it down to sixty-four and made a bracket identical to that of the NCAA Tournament: there were four regions, each with seeds 1-16. We made sure to complete it by the time we arrived at our match, and spent the entire trip home completing it. Averill (2014) stated that creating the bracket brought the team together. He claimed that mutual aversion of people unified us (Averill, 2014). I realize this sounds like something a bunch of diabolical teenage girls would do, but, to us, it was just an amusing way to kill time. We never thought that anyone would care about it. With all of the personalities on our team, everyone had something to say about most matchups. Stories of slights people around the school had taken towards members of the team became public as we went through the rounds. Individuals on the bracket were on there for any number of reasons. Some of the most popular included cheating with a player's girlfriend, being universally agitating, or even just knowing that they would react strongly to discovering they were on the bracket. That is what the team thought many people were on the bracket for, anyway.
Upon reviewing the brackets, I am able to see that there are a surprising number of athletes from more favored sports in the tournament. I believe this to be...

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