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Effects Of Internet On Everyday Lives

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In my opinion, I believe the Internet has one of the largest effects on our everyday lives. The reason being is that it involves social media through growth of near-instant communication. Enhance Telecommunication has been around longer than people think. Social media started back in the 1950's such as typewriters. However, people did not consider typewriter a basic form of the Internet. The history of the Internet originated with the growth of electronic computers in the 1950s. Initial concepts of packet networking began in many computer science laboratories in the United States.
The Internet was not made known to the U.S until the 90's. The Internet is probably the heart of the world. For instance, you can use it to attend schools or colleges, e-mails, phone calls, two way video calls, and the Web with its dialog forums, blogs, social networking, and online shopping. In this day and time and the Internet is not made available to us, it's a good percentage that the world would be at a lost because it control a great deal of significant e-mails, government documents and more. Google, eBay, Apple, Samsung and many other corporations all depends on their sales from the internet. Together these companies and their power plays a major portion of the stock market and world economies. An Internet crash that lasted for any period of time would crush these businesses and bring them to a halt and send their stocks into a plunge, causing serious anxiety in financial markets around the world. The Internet brings in a lot of money especially from the top browsers like Google and Yahoo .Those internet search browsers also supply a lot of jobs for people all across the global.
The Internet is also a major part of education. Students now can do their homework online rather than using paper, pens, pencils or school books. From my own personal experience, I feel that is a great tool to have and many others feel the same way. Teachers also can upload their grades or final grades; students can post their homework and check their grades; parents can also keep up with their child's grade or even email the teacher about their child's grade. In college students can even take a course online without having to go to the classroom. However, if you failed a class while you're in high school and you need that class to graduate "have no fear the Plato lab is here". The Plato lab is an online program which allows you to retake a failed class online while still being in high school. Students can take up to four credits at a time. When the course is complete the student will receive that credit. This program has...

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