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Effects Of Jr Sr Weekend Essay

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Effects Of Jr Sr Weekend
On the evening of May 17, my friends and I arrived at Atlantic beach for Jr Sr weekend. The master plan for that Friday night was to go down to the beach and mingle with friends. As planned, we all got dressed in our bathing suits and headed down to the beach. When the sun went down we knew that it was time to go back to our hotel room. As we were walking back we seen some other friends that we knew and they were waiting for their room so we invited them over so they wouldn’t have to wait inside of their car. “That Was Very Big Mistake”. My boyfriend and the people that we invited to our room bought some weed and alcohol to my room and we all participated in the ...view middle of the document...

Everyone that was 16 and up had to sit on one bed and the ones who were 15 and under had to sit on the other bed. We were forced to tell the officers what we all wanted to be when we grew up in the order of how we were seated. When we were done the officer said “You All Have Something To Lose If We Put You In Handcuffs”. Those words sunk into us at that very moment as tears started to roll down our faces. We had a lot of alcohol in the cabinets, refrigerator, and also under the bed. The law enforcement found marijuana residue on the desk where we rolled the joint.
As of result of my first time staying at the beach for Jr Sr, I was emotionally distressed. This was my first run in with law enforcement so it was very scary.When I got ready to leave the beach there was a whole crowd of people standing right in front of my room so I couldn’t hide from anyone or pretend like I wasn’t the one getting kicked out of my room. The number 1 rule when planning to attend Jr Sr weekend is to not get caught, and if you do get caught like we did then you will be called stupid for decades to come. After I was forced to leave the beach I had nightmares for a full week. I was stressed out because I wondered what people would say about me getting kicked out of my room. On Monday, when we got back to school everyone came up to me and asked me how did me and my friends get kicked out of our room. It stressed me to the max because I had to hear the story all week. The topic was on fire in my English 3 class and all I could do was hang my head down in shame. Jr Sr stressed me out so bad that I vowed to myself that I would not be staying for my senior year, not that my mom would ever let me go back anyways. To this day I still get asked why in the world why you guys stupid enough to get caught or to smoke in a hotel room? When I am asked I just tell people to mind their business because I still feel stressed out when I talk about it. The fact that me and my friends got kicked out of our room and the other people that was also in the room got to stay at the beach for the full weekend can take a toll on someone and that someone was me.
I had...

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