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It has come to my attention a very specific topic I would like to discuss. Many states have appealed to the use of medicinal marijuana, but I think it is time to broaden the spectrum nationally. With states like California with medicinal marijuana legal, many of the patients who need it and benefiting greatly. We can even further it to legalizing recreational and industrial use nationally. The amount of taxes being collected will far surpass your expectations.

Some background information, I am from the Northwestern part of Ohio. My family was directly affected by the economic collapse of 2008. I sat there everyday watching my Dad do nothing, waiting for jobs to call him back, and I thought to myself, “What can get money circulating back into the economy?” One day I was watching a program on TV about the war on drugs. Powerful drug lords make around $2 million to up to $14 million a year. Why do these criminals get to keep this money? Because they sell the most popular, harmless drug in the world. Marijuana. By then, I started to research more. The government could collect an ungodly amount of taxes for medicinal, recreational, and industrial use. We would be able to put marijuana drug lords out of business and use the money they make each year to pay off our increasingly rising amount of debt. There will always be a demand for pot, and there will always be sick people to treat, its inevitable.

"Consumer Reports believes that, for patients with advanced AIDS and terminal cancer, the apparent benefits some derive from smoking marijuana outweigh any substantiated or even suspected risks…”(Guest 1) Medical marijuana treating the chronically ill will help reduce pain for these patients. But, some people think that legalizing any form of marijuana will make teenagers think that it is okay to consume the drug, However, this is not the case. Eight of the 10 states that had legalized medical marijuana by 2006 saw a decrease in teen use of marijuana from 1999 to 2006. This proves that legalizing marijuana will not increase teen drug use, but instead decrease it. Another false myth is that a person can overdose on marijuana. According to FDA data obtained by our filing of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, marijuana was not reported as a primary cause of death at all between Jan. 1, 1997 to June 30, 2005. Therefore, a person cannot overdose on marijuana. It has been tested that to actually “overdose” on the drug, a person would have to smoke about 800 joints in an hour, but the thing is the person would actually die of smoke inflation instead of the actual drug. Out of all drugs, marijuana is one of the most...

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