Effects Of Locus Of Control On Gender

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1 Department of Education, Preston University
draamna@preston.edu.pk, aamnasalim@yahoo.com 2 Department of Mass Communication, International Islamic University
Revised October 2013
ABSTRACT. The study was intended to determine the gender differences in the locus
of control with academic achievement among secondary school science students of
Wah Cantonment area. Locus of control means expectancy whether perceived
reinforcement is under internal or external control. It is individual variations in his
belief that what control the events in his life, himself or others. 270 students were
chosen from the Federal Government High School for Girls and Boys and private
secondary schools of Wah Cantonment area. 35 items self-developed questionnaire
was administered to determine the locus of control. The instrument was validated by
expert suggestions of concerned area. t-test was applied for numerical analysis by
statistical package for social sciences (SPSS). It was concluded from the study
results that the students have belief that they can or can't control events that affect their academic achievement. The significant difference found between the mean
locus of control scores of boys and the mean locus of control scores of girls. The
boys were found superior to girls in their mean locus of control scores which shows
that boys have comparatively strong belief then girls about the control of some
events that affect their academic achievement.
Keywords: Locus of Control, Academic Achievement, Internal Locus of Control,
External Locus of Control
1. Introduction. Education is a continuous process and its aim is the total development of the individual. If the home and school works in harmony, the child‟s mind blossom is good and useful power is developed whereas his evils, harmful propensities are checked. The role of the home, school and the other factor is of
great importance. Their function is to support in the development of an individual [2].
The human being has to work and effort throughout our lives. Such efforts and hardworking usually have
comforts in our life. The objective of such continuous exercise is to have success, irrespective of discipline.
Either we are in education, improving our health, finding a better job, and calculating the chances to have
better living environment or even the day to day home affairs. They have come across with the opinion that
one says that success is just because of his or her luck or the chance and other claims that the achievement is
due to the hard work. In psychology, such opinions are titled as "Locus of Control" e.g. luck, effort, ability, interest and clarity of instruction etc.
Locus of control means a personal opinion about what controls his/her success, i.e. internal factors or external
factors. The internal locus of control orientation means a belief that the outcomes of our actions are
contingent on our...


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