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Mark Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service, July 23, 1998 p723K3223 Minority areas shouldn't be a dumping ground for Japanese corporations' toxic chemicals. (Originated from) Full Text: COPYRIGHT 1998 Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service By Robert D. Bullard ATLANTA _ During its 28-year history, the U.S. EPA has not always recognized that many of our government and industry practices have adverse impact on poor people and people of color.Beginning under the Bush administration, the EPA initiated steps to address growing environmental justice concerns. In 1992, EPA Administrator William Reilly set up an Environmental Equity Work Group, established an Office of Environmental Equity (the office was ...view middle of the document...

In response to mounting scientific evidence, President Clinton on Feb. 11, 1994, signed an executive order on environmental justice. The order reinforces Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discriminatory practices in programs receiving federal funds, and the National Environmental Policy Act, a law passed in 1969 that set policy goals for the protection, maintenance and enhancement of the environment.Recent legal victories by citizens in Flint, Mich., and Chester, Pa., provide clear signs that states must do a better job assuring nondiscrimination in permitting decisions.On May 1, 1997, a three-judge panel from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission denied a permit from Louisiana Energy Services to build a uranium enrichment plant in Forest Grove and Center Springs, La. The judges concluded that ``racial bias played a role in the selection process.'' The decision was upheld on appeal on April 4, 1998.Battle lines are now drawn in tiny Convent, La. African-Americans make up 83 percent of local residents; 40 percent of the residents fall below the poverty line. The community has a dozen plants and a 60 percent unemployment rate.Japanese-owned Shintech, Inc. is proposing to build a $800 million polyvinyl chloride plant in St. James Parish, a parish that ranks third in the state for toxic releases. St. James Parish had 17.7 million pounds of toxic releases reported in 1996. The Shintech plant would add an additional 600,000...

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