Effects Of Popular Music On Listeners

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Music--The Science of EmotionCould you possibly imagine what life could be like without any music? Of course not! Music is an integral part of any society, past or present. In his article entitiled "I Hate World Music," author David Byrne states that music can literally change your life. I believe that as young adults grow and begin to explore the world around them many are affected by what they choose to listen to. Popular and personal music tastes can play a large part in the shaping of our individual identities. Music can inspire just about anything by the mood it sets. Musical preference can affect personal choice in clothing, the mood you keep, and in some cases, perhaps even your overall outlook on life in general.David Byrne states that music can inspire everything from love to religious ecstasy, to social bonding. He says, "It can heal a broken heart, offer a shoulder to cry on and a friend when no one else understands" (387). I am sure that often times many of us can take Byrne's words to heart inBowling 2knowing that they do hold several truths. All of us have had bad break-ups or fights with friends when the lyrics or musical moods of the songs we hear can light a spark of hope or cast a tear to our eye. There are many times in my life when I have turned to music when I am upset or sad to either uplift my mood or go ahead and help me get my feelings out in the open.In many cases, you can look at musical preference areas and already have an insight to the type of personality of one its devout listeners. Loud, obnoxious music tends to keep the same said type of fans, and varieties of classical or easy listening music seem to keep more laid back listeners. Fashion and items of personalty are also notably affected by musical preference. Many of our scantily clad young girls have been influenced by videos of popular artists like Britney Spears and Mandy Moore. It is not that hard to notice that people...

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