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Effects Of Sales Promotion On Retail Buying Decisions

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The main aim of this research is to understand effects of sales promotion on consumer’s perception. Here in this research the major benefits of sales promotion, various sales promotion techniques and how influential these promotions are in the process of making buying decision are clearly analysed and explained. This research also try find effectiveness of various sales promotional methods with respect to Bigbazaar ,New Delhi. For the purpose of carrying out the evaluation literature review's & research methodology & presentation & assimilation has been done this study. The literature review part has helped to gain through knowledge and to establish a strong foundation and back ground for the subject. The study also analysed various research methodology and selected the most appropriate one suitable to collect the primary data. The suitability and acceptability various sales promotion programs and related factors were analysed in detail. Additionally Questionnaires were used to collect the first hand information from the consumers. And in conclusion an attempt was made to explain the benefits of sales promotion and its effects on sales when introduced and operated wisely.



Retail sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in India with major world players investing heavily in this sector. India has topped the A.T. Kearney's Global Retail Development Index for two consecutive years now which has attracted all big global leaders like Walmart, The Future Group, Reliance, and DLF in the retail sector.

Retail sales are directly linked to promotion strategies adopted by a company. Sales Promotion is considered as one of the most typical marketing technique to increase revenues and add value to a product. Most of the companies invest almost half of their marketing budgets to sales promotion linked activities.

Businesses and academicians are interested to establish a link and relationship between sales promotion strategies and its impact on retail sector. If a positive relationship is observed it can validate the numerous financial decisions involved in investing huge amounts of money in sales promotion to improve retail business.

Promotion is an important component of marketing mix which has got a very significant impact on the total marketing budget of any organisation. Key components for promotion includes advertising, sales promotion, and public relations,personal selling, direct marketing,.

Sales promotion is a range of marketing techniques designed within a strategic marketing frame work to add extra value to a particular product or services, develope a promotion strategy deciding on the objectives of marketing communication

Organizations are forced to test various strategies to find a better one suitable for them in increasing their sales and market. Sales promotion one of the important promotion strategies followed the retailers.

Sales promotion refers to communication strategies designed to act...

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