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Effects Of Salt Water On Osmoregulation

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Effects of Salt and Water on OsmoregulationResultsAll students were required to void their urine at the start of the lab to use for the time zero data. The students selected to be in the NaCl group ingested a three gram NaCl tablet along with 500 mL of water. The remaining students who were in the water group ingested 500 mL of water at this time. The volume, level of pH, chloride concentration, and specific gravity of each urine sample was measured every thirty minutes, for a total of 120 minutes.The results of the NaCl group compared to the water group showed significant differences when compared. The average urine volume for each group was largest at time zero; with the water group's mean volume at 101.3 mL and the NaCl group's mean volume at 129.3 mL (Figure 1). At the 60 minute interval the largest volume difference can be seen between each group (Figure 1). As the experiment proceeded after time zero, the students who ingested the NaCl tablet produced less urine than the water group students for each remaining time interval. The final mean volume for the water group was 33.3 mL and the NaCl group was 24.1 mL (Figure 1).The average pH level for the water group remained constant at 6.1 from time intervals zero through ninety, and dropped to 5.9 at 120 minutes (Figure 2). For the students who ingested NaCl, there initial pH level was at 6.4 for time zero, 6.2 for time thirty and sixty, 6.3 at ninety minutes, and finally dropping to 6.2 at the two hour mark (Figure 2). Each groups' pH values dropped 0.2 from the initial reading to the final reading. The NaCl group consistently provided a higher level of pH in their urine samples than the water group. (Figure 2)Another test performed on each urine sample was the chloride concentration. Both the water and the NaCl groups' chloride concentration values decreased until reaching the sixty minute interval where they began to increase. The readings for the water group's mean chloride concentration began at 192.4 mEq/L, dropped as low as 93.6 mEq/L at sixty minutes, and rose to 146.5 mEq/L at two hours (Figure 3). The NaCl group's mean chloride concentration began at 216.1 mEq/L, dropped as low as 183.1 mEq/L at sixty minutes, and rose to 241.0 mEq/L at two hours (Figure 3). The concentration levels for the NaCl group were consistently higher than the levels of the H20 group for each reading (Figure 3).The final test that was performed measured the specific gravity of each sample. The highest value for each group was recorded at time zero. The water group's mean specific gravity slightly decreased from 1.030 to 1.025 after thirty minutes, but decreased to a value of 0.999 at sixty minutes (Figure 4). It then increased to 1.016 for the final two readings (Figure 4). The NaCl group steadily lowered its average specific gravity for the first three trials, going from 1.031 to 1.025 after sixty minutes (Figure 4). It then rose at ninety minutes to 1.028 and decreased at two hours to 1.016 (Figure 4). The...

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