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Effects Of Sexual Victimization On Society

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There are many ways that a woman can be sexually victimized, such as being psychologically degraded or physically assaulted. It is hard to bring justice for a victim of sexual victimization, more so when the victim does not press charges. Even if charges are pressed it may be hard to prosecute the perpetrator because of the lack of evidence. To some extent our society has become jaded to the impact that sexual abuse has on a person’s wellbeing – as evident in the news article that will be discussed. This paper will also discuss the impact sexual victimization has on society as well as how gender and sexual aggression relates to human sexuality.
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It is safe to say that Chavez did not expect such a thing to happen in her workplace. As Hock (2012) writes, gender norms are taught to a child from birth which influences, and at time encourages, the way a person behaves throughout their life. A person’s behaviors are influenced by caregivers, the media, educational systems and random people they encounter throughout their life (Hock 2012). The common idiom “boys will be boys” is used to express indifference in the way a male child behaves and consequently some boys will be socialized to live life without accepting responsibility for their actions. It is possible that the culprit, in Khokha’s (2013) article, may continue victimizing women because he was not found guilty.
In addition to socialization sexual violence was clearly evident in Khokha’s (2013) article. As Hock (2012) writes, a rapist’s mentality is to show control over the victim. Control was visible in the article as the supervisor coerced his victim to perform sexual acts in exchange for her paycheck and to let her go without causing her any life threatening physical harm. It is unfortunate that the outcome of the trial reinforces a mentality that the woman consents to such forceful acts. As Hock (2012) notes many times the victim is blamed for the assault.
The outcome of Chavez’s trial has both a negative and positive influence on society. The negative influence is that it reinforces the perception that rape is not always a punishable crime more so if the person holds a position of power. However the story itself is positive and empowering as it serves an example and encourages women, or any victim of assault, to come forward and report any type of abuse. It can be more encouraging to...

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