Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On One's Performance And Function

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The purpose of this study was to identify effects of sleep deprivation on a person’s performance and function in physically and mentally demanding situations. The researcher obtained research on this topic through various search engines, such as questia.com and Google Scholar. The results of the searches produced many different areas of the subject, so the range of information was narrowed to several broad topics. The areas of performance the researcher chose were: general cognitive/motor; medical procedures; driving; and health. The research was conducted from October of 2007 until May of 2009.
The researcher collected data for use in this study mainly through various respectable online resources in addition to books on sleep deprivation and disorders from the Stafford High School library and the Central Rappahannock Regional Library. Information was obtained from those sources to further develop each subtopic in the researcher’s investigation. The research pertained to the specific effects and the measurements of those effects by sleep deprivation on one’s performance. This information came from other researchers’ past experiments and observations of the effects of sleep deprivation and various statistics of how sleep deprivation has affected The researcher organized the information using note cards specifying to which theme the information would be applicable. Also, the researcher created a literature schematic to further organize her sources. The organized information was then used to create the product, and was presented in such a way so that it was appealing to the readers. However, additional in-depth research was needed to make the product more relevant to Stafford High School students. The researcher conducted a survey of 40 Stafford...

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