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Society influences us all. In his talk “Zion in the Midst of Babylon,” Elder David R. Stone talked about how our culture, or our society, can affect our choice of clothing, food, and even influence what our priorities in life are. He said, “All too often, we are like puppets on a string, as our culture determines what is “cool”” (Stone 2006). The people around us can influence and change what decisions we make every day. While looking back on my own life I found three central themes that describe the biggest societal influences in my life; my family, my religion, and the word’s view of women have all shaped my decisions in life.
My family has been a huge influence in my life. I know ...view middle of the document...

I am glad for the influence my family had in my choice to play.
My family also influenced my choice of religion. Being born into the LDS church I was expected to attend meetings with my family. I was never forced into becoming a member. I made the decision to join the church and I am glad that my family influenced that decision as well. I know that my religion has also shaped who I have become. My religion helped to decide what school I attended. If I wasn’t a member of the church I know that I wouldn’t be going to BYU – Idaho. Another big impact my religion had on me is where I decided to get married. My husband and I made the decision to get married in the Rexburg Temple. If we hadn’t been worthy members of the church then we wouldn’t have been able to get married there (Journal Entry Week 3)
The LDS church has also influenced what I do with my money. Most people when they get a check consider it all theirs. Even as a child when I got money I would always take ten percent out for the Lord (Journal Entry Week 2). This is something that I learned to do from my parents and from my religion. I continue to take out tithing and give it to the church. The church also influenced my choice to save money. They teach us to save money and prepare for the future (Journal Entry Week 2). The church has also influenced my decision making process. I have learned not to just jump into the decisions that I make. I look at all my options and then pray about my decision. If the church hadn’t influenced my life in the ways that it did I don’t know where I would be.
The last theme of influence that I found in looking back on my life was the influence of the world’s view on women. The world has been slowly changing its view on women and now more women are working. Society expects mothers to work now. Society thinks it is strange when you tell them that you are a stay at home mom. I have always wanted to be a mother, but society has influenced my decision to choose another profession as well (Journal Entry Week 8). Even though society influenced my decision to find a career I have found one that I can work around being a mother. As a nurse I can work different hours, and work less days a week so I can still be a mother to my children.
One way that society has also influenced me is in the way that they expect women to take care of the home. Women are expected to cook, clean, and wash clothes. Even growing up I learned to do all the duties that society expects of a woman. I wanted to...

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