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Effects Of Street Racing And Efforts To Deter The Sub Culture

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You pull up to the red light; all you can hear are the sounds of loud exhaust and the deafening drone of a bass system. You glance to your right and sitting next to you is a kid just like yourself, sitting low to the ground in his "customized" little import car. You feel your palms start to sweat as you slowly let your foot off the clutch. The smell of burnt rubber becomes apparent as you begin to max out each and every gear now doing almost double the speed limit. This is the rush that young and old alike look for in street racing. Some call it a hobby, some call it a sport, and some call it an illegal activity. However whether you like it or not since before any of us were born, street racing has been a culture. A culture that despite heavy police intervention doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon."There is kind of an adrenaline rush that you know your fast, but who is faster than you" This was the response when JJ a street racer in Dallas was interviewed for an article on the culture of street racing (culture). It's not just a past time that attracts young racers, according to people in the scene, street racing attracts men in they're 20's and 30's, who sometimes bring girlfriends, wives, and children (culture). In big cities such as San Diego hundreds and thousands of people gather in huge crowds and caravans to watch modified streetcars strut they're stuff. They roam in caravans, looking for places to race away from cars, most definitely away from police. They usually travel in "crews" which are a group of 15 people or more who usually gather to race other "crews"(culture). These crews are dubbed with names such as Dangerous Performance, and illegal motor sports usually displayed proudly with vinyl decals or windshield banners. These crews often creating web sites, displaying pictures of racing, stunts, police encounters, and tips on everything from avoiding tricky curbs to avoiding trouble with the police. The crews gather nightly across the country in groups of hundreds of people to show whom has the strongest team.(culture) All of this, despite efforts by police to deter support of such events. Due to many street racing related fatalities, authorities in San Diego have made an emergency ordinance which makes being a spectator at an illegal speed contest a misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months in jail and 1000$ fine. This has drastically dropped the numbers of racers and spectators in San Diego, but what reason do they have to take away a pastime? In Los Angeles alone there have been 24 street racing related deaths since 1995 (racing). This is just one out of hundreds and thousands of cities across the world where every night, strangers meet on dark...

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