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Sunspots were first observed by Chinese astronomers in 364 BC, since this time they have continued to infatuate astrophysicists into studying their cycles. These spots are formed when the Sun's magnetic field rises up from underneath the Sun's surface and those magnetic regions break the surface. These magnetic storms can release harmful solar flares into space that head directly towards the Earth. Scientists are now studying new and old data to figure out the effects sunspots have on the weather, electronic devices, and astronaut safety. Understanding how these sunspots work could lead to further technological development in eletrical and other professional fields.
Sunspots are dark spots located on the sun’s surface producing magnetic storms, which release dangerous solar flares in extremely large explosions, consisting of ultraviolet rays. These magnetic storms can often be 2,500 times stronger that Earth’s magnetic field. Temperatures of sunspots are anywhere between 4,900 and 7,600 degrees Fahrenheit, more than two thousand degrees lower than that of the surrounding surface. They can be anywhere from ten miles wide to one hundred thousand miles wide, often expanding and contracting as they move across the surface of the sun. The largest of these can be seen with the naked eye around sun set, but most require a high powered telescope. The easiest ways to see effects of solar flares are the aurora borealis located at the Northern pole, and the aurora australis located at the Southern pole. These were named by the Greeks after Roman goddess’s, and believed to be a sign from the gods. In 1859 during a time of high solar activity these lights were seen over the islands of Hawaii and Cuba. Sunspots vary over time with some years having a lower number of spots, while others can have hundreds. The first spots observed telescopically occurred during the seventeenth and eighteenth century by Thomas Harriot, Christoph Scheiner, and Galileo, all publishing their own description of these spots. Over the decades scientists have been able to place these patterns of high and low periods into cycles.
Sunspot cycles last for an average of twenty two years, consisting of two eleven year cycles. During the first cycle, spots start at a minimum with one to two spots building up to maximum of anywhere between one hundred to two hundred spots for a year. The second cycle is just the opposite, with spots starting at a maximum and coming down over eleven years creating a bell like curve for a complete cycle. Sunspots can have a varying effect on Earth’s weather patterns depending on what period of the cycle is occurring. David Hathaway, who is in charge of NASA’s solar research team in Hunstville, Alabama, believes the current cycle to be “the weakest in two hundred years”(qtd. in Carrington). These sunspots release solar flares which have a direct effect on the Earth’s weather. With such a weak current cycle, Hathaway believes the next decade could experience...

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