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Effects Of Swimming On Disabled People

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Swimming, one of the most favored sports by people across the world, is much greater than a form of competition and entertainment for a certain group of people. For countless mentally and physically disabled people, the pool represents a place where they build strength and derive confidence, and a place for them to connect with people who share the same mental or physical struggles as they do. According to Aquatics International’s research, people with disabilities have less time to socialize and partake in activities that require physical strength and they often experience feelings of depression. However, Aquatics International also found that “People with disabilities who are encouraged to participate in recreational activities such as swimming can achieve a greater sense of individual wellness and overall satisfaction with life” (Ostby and Skulski).Therefore, swimming is undoubtedly more than just a sport or form of entertainment; because, for some people, it is what keeps them alive and pain free. Swimming affects the livelihood of people with mental and physical disabilities in momentously positive ways, providing them support in innumerable aspects of their lives.
The affects of swimming on disabled people’s bodies’ physically is colossal due to the fact that water provides support, stability, and has numerous healing mechanisms. According to aquatic therapist Stacy Bintzler, “Water has four main features that are not offered through land activity: buoyancy, resistance, support and hydrostatic pressure” which allows for simple movement to be less painful and easier in comparison to the same movements on land (Bintzler). Water’s main components aid in the following ways: buoyancy, reduces stress on joints; resistance, builds muscle; aerobic exercise, improves cardiovascular function (NCHPAD: Swimming). For example, when professional athletes are injured, the pool is where they recover due to its healing mechanisms and fast recovery time. Mallory Weggemann, a young woman paralyzed from the waist down boasts, “When I got back into the water, it was a real turning point for me - for my mental state, my physical state, everything” ( Mallory Weggermann’s case is just one of countless stories of people battling a physical illness in their daily lives who finds physical courage in the pool, which further proves the claim that swimming affects disabled people in a monumental way.
While diving into a cool pool on a sunny day, one can not suppress the smile that creeps across one’s face due to the satisfaction that swells up inside from simply being in the pool. That explains why the psychological impact of swimming on people with disabilities is possibly the most positive, rewarding outcome of swimming as a whole. People inflicted with various types of mental disabilities view the pool as their refuge and place of comfort. There are few differences between...

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