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It is nearly inevitable to go out in public and see a full sleeve tattoo spiraling up a young man’s arm or a tattooed quote peeking out from a cashier’s wrist. Tattoos are rapidly gaining popularity in today’s society. Tattoos are becoming more and more common as the practice continues to gain popularity and acceptance throughout today’s modern world. Over the past decade, tattoos have begun to be viewed as less controversial as they were in previous decades. However, without considering the many risks that result from tattoos, it may not be seen that tattoos could bring more negative effects than positive ones. Consideration of these negative effects may change one’s mind on a decision to ...view middle of the document...

On a positive note, tattoos can be a special way of expressing oneself and passions in life. However, if they do not hold any sentimental value, tattoos could be outdated and pointless twenty years down the road.
Next, tattoos are not always accepted by society, particularly in the world of the workplace. Employers often refuse to hire people who have tattoos, and many companies have dress codes that strictly enforce the restriction of tattoos on employees. According to researchers, “Sixty-one percent of human resource managers asked last year in an annual survey by the Center for Professional Excellence at York College of Pennsylvania said a tattoo would hurt a job applicant’s changes, up from fifty-seven percent in 2011” (Kaufman). Is getting inked worth risking one’s employment? Tattoos uncovered by clothing or heavy makeup still face rejection from the modern world of business. One must seriously consider the fact that tattoos could prevent employment.
On a final note, tattoos could possibly cause harm to the skin due to the unregulated inks or unsterile needles. Conductors of a case study commented, “Currently data is lacking regarding the safety of tattoo pigment ingredients. Also, none of the tattoo ink or additives are FDA approved” (Sanghavi, Dongre, and Khopkar). Additionally, if a used needle is used on another customer, the latter receiver could catch a blood-borne illness like hepatitis or even HIV. It is crucial to always ask questions necessary to ensure that the needles to be in use have been properly sterilized. Failure to do so could result in irritated...

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