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Effects Of Technology Essay

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The film “ Digital Nation” is an exploration of diverse people's views on digital media, in today's world. Some of the most important topics were on the virtual world, and the pros and cons of technology within different groups like gamers, students, families, teachers, administrators, children, military and businesses, as well as the experience of general people. In the movie, Prof. Sherry Turkle said, “Technology challenges us to assert our human values. Technology is not good or bad, is powerful, and it is complicated which means first we have to figure out what they are”. Currently, technology has taken over, wherever one, goes one will find it. Over the past years, social media in particular have spread worldwide; from Facebook to Instagram. There is constantly something new, extra advanced and creative. Overall, the technology has evolved the way humans interact with each other. In particular, technology influences by motivating students towards ...view middle of the document...

Indeed, for English Literature class we were using an eBook hence benefiting us not to carry a heavy book. I found this to be thrilled because I can keep track of the information much quicker. Moreover, everyone was eager to have a new acquaintance of being able to search pages faster, to highlight, or to write down notes in the margins that increased the readability. I agree with Jason Livey, who said, “If you think about media environment than average American teenagers lives in, to walk into a classroom that doesn't have media must be like walking into a desert”. It is difficult, even for a moment to live without electronic devices since teens are habituated. More importantly, technology stimulated students to embrace learning.
Moreover, technology saves time by allowing to narrow the search efficiently on the internet for education. In the movie, a student used Spark notes to read Romeo and Juliet since it took five minutes to read online the summary of the story. Likewise, in English class If an instructor assigned a book, scenes or chapter for homework, I always utilized Spark notes or other valid online sources which saved valuable time. For the first time, when I read various Shakespeare's play like Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth and Odyssey, I could not fully comprehend. However, after seeing the video I could follow up with the text. In short, the visual builds strong, comprehensive skills.
Nowadays, most of the people use technology much more than they would imagine and with technology one have a better understanding of learning. As Mark Prensky said, “ There were people who complained when we move from horses to a car, there were people who complained when we move from letter to a telephone and is not that they are wrong totally because thing gets lost. You might have less memory, and we do not have flowery writings but we have gained other things”. A new invention often has some negative and positive outcomes, however; technology has mostly the positive effects that outweigh the negative. According to Mark Prensky, masses always adapted to change. To sum up, people need to take advantage of the technology to secure future jobs.

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