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Effects Of Technology Of Society Essay

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Over the past hundred years man has visited the moon and has seen robots perform surgery, and at the root of every new achievement is technology. Upgrade after upgrade, bigger and better computers keep coming. However, this great new world is one where people prefer to stare at a screen rather than go out or have a meaningful conversation with a friend or family member. Overuse of technology leads to difficulty understanding social cues, introverted behavior, and further segregated generations, though it’s never too late to reverse the effects.
One effect of technology on society is the silence that surrounds people in public places. One Easter weekend, Studs Terkel got onto a train at an Atlanta airport, when a young couple hopped on late. An announcement promptly informed passengers that the train would delayed for less than a minute. Rather than confront the pair, the commuters glared at them. “George Orwell your time has come and gone!” Terkel shouted, the glares turned to him (Terkel, Coming of Age). Awkward silence is becoming increasingly common issue, especially when surrounded by complete strangers. Nowadays, silence is encouraged when the time comes for folks to voice their opinions, and those who do speak up are seen as nuisances. Few students actually speak up, most sit in their desk and wait for the lesson to be finished so they can do their work and be finished as soon as possible, it makes one wonder if they’re actually learning anything (Black, Coming of Age). Children born in the late 20th and the 21st century are going quiet and it’s becoming more difficult to pull them from alternate realities in which they’re in control. According to Marc Joseph, “they have grown up with the World Wide Web and are highly connected because of the Internet. Instant messaging, text messaging, smartphones, tablet computers and social networking are part of their fiber” (Joseph, Generation Z). With the world at their fingertips and any bit of knowledge a Google search away, hardly anything is left to the imagination of kids anymore. The offline inexperience younger people have inconveniences the entire future of kids, most of whom grow up believing they can confide in Siri and Facebook, rather than parents and teachers.
Another outcome of the digitized world is the growing separation between generations. Young and old are finding it more difficult to find common ground to relate to one another. Teens especially are misdirected by elders and fail to connect social prompts, one could find an adults tone condescending, when in reality they are only talking. This inability to have an intelligent conversation is a huge forfeit, and it’s the bane of many adults lives. One instance of this is Emily Manke’s observation, “[conversation] leaves them awkward and anxious when they’re forced to actually interact face to face with people, without a screen between them” (Manke, 5 Skills). It’s frustrating to attempt to gain and hold a young adults attention...

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