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Effects Of Technology On Individual Alienation In Bradbury’s “The Veldt”

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Throughout the short story “The Veldt," Bradbury uses foreshadowing to communicate the consequences of the overuse of technology on individuals. Lydia Hadley is the first of the two parents to point out the screams that are heard on the distance where the lions are. George soon dismisses them when he says he did not hear them. After George locks the nursery and everyone is supposed to be in bed, the screams are heard again insinuating that the children have broken into the nursery, but this time both the parents hear them. This is a great instant of foreshadowing as Lydia points out that "Those screams—they sound familiar" (Bradbury 6). At that moment, Bradbury suggests that George and ...view middle of the document...

If the wallet represents George and the scarf represents Lydia, then we can foreshadow what is going to happen to the two. Both question how the wallet and scarf got there, but they do not suspect anything because the house is the one that does everything around the house. “Happylife Home keeps their house clean, feeds and cares for them in every way a full range of maids and butlers would” (Hart) leaving George and Lydia to know nothing about it. The technology has taken away their roles as parents and owners of the house. Bradbury uses foreshadowing to show how technology can steal an individual’s live without them even knowing.
Bradbury’s use of imagery gives the reader an insight on the minds of the children that are completely taken over by technology. The lions are described in such detail that the image of them instantly appears in your mind. Bradbury points out several times that the lions look, “so real, so feverishly and startlingly real that you could feel the prickling fur on your hand,” (Bradbury). They look real because the children want them to be real, almost like they want the technology to be the only real thing in their lives. Technology seems to have taken over the lives of the Hadley family. It took over the minds of the children and the roles of the parent showing that sometimes technology detaches people from real life. After Lydia becomes frighten about how real the lions looks, she realizes that maybe she has too much time to think about things. Because the technology has taken her live at home, she sees that not only, “she has less to do, rather she has nothing to do at all.” (Hart). Bradbury is showing that technology can take over people’s live.
Throughout “The...

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