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Effects Of Technology On Learning Essay

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Student Last Name 2Student NameInstructor NameENC 110107 October 2011Effects of Technology on LearningTechnology affects every aspect of our daily lives. Many people would argue that technology has advanced American society, while others believe that technology is actually having the opposite effects on society. Authors, Jeffrey Friedman and Rich Davis are two examples of many who have these controversial thoughts. Friedman believes that students today do not have to think as much with technology taking over American society. On the contrary, Davis argues that technology is providing students with an enhanced learning environment.Many people believe that technology is providing people with all the answers and, in a way, dumbing down American society. In "What Should Students Know About Technology,"Friedman starts off by stating that technology tools, such as calculators, free students from thinking about the math problem so that they could worry about how to use the calculator; "Students only need to know how to use these technologies" (Friedman and diSessa 175). A. Greenblatt, the author of "Impact of The Internet on Thinking" states that China and South Korea have declared internet addiction a chief public health concern due to the fact that it "may alter physical mechanics of the brain that lead to long term memory formation." This means that peoples' long term memory may not work to its greatest strength, which would cause memory loss (Greenblatt). The internet speaks to basic parts of our brains that do not advance themselves to deep thought and contemplation (Greenblatt). However, to aid this situation, Friedman anddiSessa provide some advice. Observed foundations in intellectual studies of the use of technology establish possible learning goals and difficulties experienced by students and clearer criteria for evaluating the technology. Students should know about the representational aspects of technology, which are design technology and the activities to support thinking about these aspects of technology (Friedman and diSessa 194). This "representational thinking will help students better utilize their intuitive perceptual capabilities for purposes of visual data analysis" (Friedman and diSessa 194). While Greenblatt declares that the uses of internet and technology are resulting in a major health concern, Friedman and diSessa seem to agree but also offer a way for this issue to be...

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