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Effects Of Technology On The Society

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The continuous technological advancements in the world have had both positive and negative impacts on society. The advancement rates of improvements through numerous innovations in technological ideologies increases each day. Although technological innovations have resulted in easier methods of undertaking different duties, the different methodologies that have been adapted have generally led to both the positive and negative effects on the whole world.

With the increased use of social networks, different cultures have been able to relate through networks such as Facebook and Twitter among others, thus enhancing and international peace and togetherness. This has also lead to the growth and ...view middle of the document...

This has increased contact among the members of the society thus enhancing their relationships whether business, social, political, or development projects.

With the numerous innovations in production sectors, the environmental has become more susceptible to pollution. The disposal of some technological waste such as the broken parts of electrical and mechanical gadgets such as mobile phones has negative impacts on the environment. Although technological innovations have resulted to the introduction of new methods of undertaking duties thus improving the methods used in the production making production more effective, they have resulted in adverse impacts to environment.

The production of more technologically processed and manufactured products has various health problems related to their consumption. The usage of some products results to most of the health diseases such as obesity, heart problems, blood pressure among other diseases. This makes the users prone to infections. There are devices that pose a threat to the health of users such as the use of headphones to listen to music is a great threat to the users’ damage of the ear drum. This is factor that can lead to deafness, although having the effects; quite a larger number of the youths are extensively in the use of the headphones that some ends up using a high volume that have the most effective damages to the eardrum. All these problems affect individuals, and the society at large.

With the continued use of technological gadgets, there is the deterioration in personal privacy for users. Users’ information can be easily accessed online thanks to advancements in...

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