Effects Of Technology On The World

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Shaping the worldIn today's society technology has become more and more necessary to accomplish certain tasks. These tasks can range from typing on essay to creating a network for a large firm. In the Informational Systems field technology especially informational technology has become the main focus of that field. Without IT, IS would not even be a field since IS revolves around using IT in the business world. Another field that has been affected by the IT field has been the teaching field. After I graduate I plan on going into both the teaching field (German major) and the Informational Systems field (second major). What attracts me to teaching German is the fact that I can change the lives of high school students and give something back society. While being in high school I had one staff member who has helped me through hard times and this is the reason why I am attracted to the teaching field. In addition to that I am planning on going into the Informational Systems field too. What attracts me to that field is that it combines the business field with the computer field. It has always been one of my dreams to become a business man and travel around the world representing one of the biggest companies. Not only that, with IS I combine my passion of computers with my dream (business).The informational systems field is a newly formed field and is still in the process of developing. The keys to success for organizations in the IS field is to come up with solutions to make their company even more innovative and cost efficient. The way they do this is by analyzing the company and figuring out where they spend too much money. After the analysis part is done, the IS people come up with solutions to make the company efficient and innovative. The major technology used in this field is the database technology. The whole field revolves around the database technology by keeping the information stored that is found during analysis. Since IS is a new and still forming field they have had great impact on today's companies. Big Companies such as Microsoft or Mac use the IS field to keep their companies running while expanding. Through this field people have become more aware of technology and now have to learn how to use this technology. The way that Informational systems has changed workers in organizations is that most workers now have to be able to use modern technology such as Microsoft Office. Technology has become essential to most companies now a day. There have been a few challenges that organizations have had to struggle with implementing this new field. These challenges include the cost of setting new technology up within the organization so that everything can be controlled from one spot(centralized). This does cost a little bit of money since one has to build the network. Apart from that there have only been minor challenges which include learning...

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1844 words - 7 pages of a good thing. Communication on World 17 (5), 52 Adkins, C.L. & Premeaux S.A. (2014) The Use of Communication Technology to Manage Work-Home Boundaries. Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management (512) 82-100 Gladwell, M. (2002), Tipping Point: How little things can make a big difference. Boston, Back Bay Books. Golden, C. (2003). E-mail: Our love-hate relationship, Educause. May/June 2003 McWilliams, G. (2005), The laptop backlash

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