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Effects Of Technology: Today’s Generation Essay

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Modern technology and personal devices greatly simplify our everyday lives. For today’s generation, technology has become a component of traditional social interactions, has caused users to become attached to personal devices, and replaces the need for learning and use of common knowledge. Technology often replaces some traditional forms of communication and is used to enhance this generation’s digital lives through documenting social interactions. Users of technology often feel lost without their devices, and many are unable to complete simple tasks without the help of technology.

Today technology either completely replaces or has become a component of many traditional social ...view middle of the document...

Through using technology to enhance or replace social interactions today’s generation often forms an attachment to technology.

Our devices seem to be a physical part of us, and can leave one feeling lost without them. Much like the equivalent of an arm or a leg we think we absolutely need them, but in reality one could very well live without. No matter where we go we are surrounded by technology in our environments. But most importantly we are attached to our own devices. Think about the devices you may personally own. Perhaps you own a tablet, computer, MP3 player, or smart phone. No matter what the device, chances are at least one of them is on, or near you at all times. Witnessing the reaction of an individual who has recently misplaced a personal device is an excellent example of the attachment that has been established between today’s generation and technology. While dining out in a small restaurant with my family I watched the reaction of one young man who misplaced his phone. The man first gently patted his pants pockets, and then began frantically searching for it. Throughout his search he uttered a few choice profanities verbalizing his anger. But why? Why was this man so concerned about a device? What is it that makes it so important to him? Some might argue that he, like many others, uses his phone to keep in contact with work, to be used as a GPS to find his way, or as a calculator to manage finances. All are logical reasons to have concern for a lost device, but in all reality today’s generation should have the knowledge and skills to complete such basic tasks that a device replaces.

Dependence on modern technologies has left many basic skills unlearned. For most, as well as myself a substantial amount of time has...

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