Effects Of The Atomic Bomb Essay

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Effects of the Atomic Bomb

There were many effects of the atomic bomb. There were Social,
Economic, Military, and Political effects.

When the bomb exploded at 08:16:02there was a short bright flash of
light accompanied by a heat wave lasting only 1/10th ofa second. At
ground zero people ceased to exist within a certain distance peoples
eye balls melted. When the blast happened it sent off two shockwaves
one headed towards the earth and the other shot up into the air
sending the Enola gay into major turbulence. Also the blast-waves went
across the land as well taking out anything in its way, it covered 2
miles per second the blast destroyed the whole of Hiroshimait took out
70,000 of the 76.000 buildings that were once standing to form a city.
After the blast all supplies were cut off including gas, water,
electricity these all were a danger to the surviving people that
survived the blast in hiding or out of the city. Also the danger was
not over yet. A firestorm emerged killing or injuring 90% of all
medics. Although these were just some short term effects the bomb
cased long term effects like radiation sickness (atomic plague) this
causes loss of hair, bleeding, it can also cause cancer and leukaemia
in the future apart from radiation sickness people suffered severe
burn that still need treatment to this day. In 1945 Hiroshimasuffered
140,000 deaths by 1950 they suffered 200,000 deaths and in Nagasakithey
suffered 70,000 in 1945 and by 1950 they suffered a

Major 140,000 deaths. These effects are still felt decades later.

When the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshimaand Nagasaki they
caused economic problems. There were long and short term effects. The
short term effect was that 70,000 of the 76,000 buildings in Hiroshima
were destroyed which meant Japan had to rebuild from almost nothing
also they needed money the rebuild so Japan had to take out a loan
with America for the big rebuild in Hiroshima and in Nagasaki. However
Japan suffered Long term effects from the bomb. They were that medical
bills for burns and radiation sickness were going up costing Japan a
massive debt with America the cost of the nuclear arms race...

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