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Effects Of War In "In Another Country" By Earnest Hemingway

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The short story “In Another Country” by Earnest Hemingway is a story about the negative effects of war. The story follows an unnamed American officer and his dealings with three other officers, all of whom are wounded in World War I and are recuperating in Milan, Italy. In war, much can be gained such as freedom and peace, however war also causes a plethora of negative consequences. Cultural alienation, loss of physical and emotional identity, and the irony of war technology and uncertainty of life are all serious consequences of war that are clearly shown by Hemingway.
Cultural alienation is a side effect of fighting in war. Physically, the narrator is in a country, Italy, “in the fall in ...view middle of the document...

The injuries sustained in war have robbed them of their ability to play competitive sports. Even though doctors promise a future life full of activity, the officers do not believe they will ever again live their past athletic way of life because of their physical limitations. There is also a loss of identity following war trauma. This is shown through the boy with the silk bandage tied across his face, which hides his mangled face. He had come “from a very old family”(556) which was well known. His ruined face symbolizes his loss of identity of coming from a well known and well to do family. Because of war, the officers completely lose their old way of life.
Irony in war and its victims are seen in the injuries the officers sustain and the uncertainty of life. To treat their injuries, the four officers “sat in the machines that were to make so much difference”(555). World War 1 is filled with new technologies, which are essentially killing machines, which cause the officer’s wounds. This is extremely ironic because the new technological advances of machines have both...

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