Effects Of Internet Use On Adolescents Development

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Think about your Internet usage. How much time out of your daily life do you spend online? Does your use of the Internet take a toll on your diet, exercise and sleep? Think about today’s young people. They cannot remember a time when they did not have computers and cell phones. While technology and the Internet are useful tools to get information fast, the increasing use of the Internet by adolescents is taking a toll on their physical and emotional development. This increase in use of the Internet is causing several health issues in adolescents; these include problems with nutrition, exercise, and unhealthy sleep patterns, all of which can lead to a multitude of adolescent developmental concerns.
Adolescence is a time in one's life when many radical developmental changes are taking place. These biological changes include rapid growth in height, weight, and sexual maturation. In order to encourage these natural processes to take place appropriately, it is crucial that adolescents get the proper amount of nutrients from their diet, adequate physical exercise, and a sufficient amount of sleep. Today's ever increasing use of technology, especially the Internet, by teenagers has the ability to affect these developmental processes. Several scientific studies have shown that Internet usage has negatively impacted adolescents' diet, exercise and nutrition. A 2010 study examined the changes on the diets and lifestyle of Korean junior high students as a result of different levels of addiction to the Internet. The goal of the study was to analyze the connections between the students risk levels of Internet addiction and how those levels corresponded to their sleep, substance abuse, and dietary patterns. The results of the experiment showed that students with a high-risk for Internet addiction had more irregular bedtimes, they found use of alcohol and tobacco products common, as well as irregular dietary behavior due to loss of appetite, meal skipping, and poorer nutrition. The students with low-risk and no-risk for Internet addiction showed significantly less issues with these three factors (Kim et al.). The results of this study show that overuse of the Internet is negatively impacting the health and development of adolescents in many ways.
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As our culture has significantly changed due to technology, the way that kids play has also changed. As we become more reliant upon technology and the Internet for information and a source of entertainment, the less, kids want to play outside. Adolescents are spending more time participating in sedentary activities like surfing the web, playing video games, and social media than participating in sports or other physical activities that are important for healthy development. Activities that adolescents partake in while on the Internet are lacking the requirements necessary for proper biological development. They typically sit in the same position for long periods of time which...

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