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The Importance Of Sexual Intimacy Essay

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Sexual intimacy within any long-term relationship is very important for the relationship to last (Armstrong, 2006). Married and cohabiting couples have to be intimately comfortable to be sexually intimate. Sexual intimacy is defined as sexually being intimate with your partner at a level where both individual are aware of what their partner likes sexually and what they expect (Armstrong, 2006). Once there is the comfort level of being intimately comfortable couples express to their partners what they expect sexually (Armstrong, 2006). Several things are to be correlated with sexual intimacy and long-term relationships with married and cohabiting couples. Some examples include sexual satisfaction, infidelity, sexual dysfunction, separation etc. (Breitmaier, 2010). The current study focuses on how putting more time and effort into sexual intimacy is important for long-term relationships to work. The following literature helps support the hypothesis why sexual intimacy is important for heterosexual couples that have been married or involved in a cohabiting relationship for more than two years.
Literature Review:
In a research article by Breitmaier (2010) an empirical study on Sexuality and Religiousness was done to investigate importance of sexual intimacy between Christian married couple. One hundred and ninety couples were given a survey about sexual attitudes and behavior to complete before the sexuality seminar and eight weeks later fifty couples retook the survey after the sexual seminar (Breitmaier, 2010). The participating couples in this study included couples with martial issues as a result to sexual dysfunction, low sexual satisfaction and couples who wanted more marital enrichment (Breitmaier, 2010). Breitmaier through his pre-survey gathered how Christian couples felt about different expressions of sex in accordance with their religious beliefs. Sexual expressions included: oral sex, anal sex, and masturbation, touching oneself during sex, using sex toys and experiencing orgasms (Breitmaier, 2010). Pre-survey revealed most couples were restricted to their sexual expression due to religious beliefs. Couples Religious beliefs were dependent upon what the Bible and their religious leaders says is appropriate for sex.
However, after the Sexuality Enrichment Seminar a post-survey was mailed out to 190 participants to which only 50 replied back (Breitmaier, 2010). The post survey answered two questions, first do beliefs change after attending a Christian sexuality seminar and secondly does sexual behavior change (Breitmaier, 2010). 50 participants responded back to the post-survey, research expressed a decrease in sexual dysfunctions and an increase in sexual expression and behavior (Breitmaier, 2010). Therefore, post-survey findings showed Christian couples did change beliefs about what the Bible says about sex. Couples also changed their sexual behavior after attending seminar, enriching their marriage with greater sexual...

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